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3 Ways to Hang On to a Job Hopper

The decision to hire a job hopper is typically a touchy subject that many companies ultimately decide to run away from as fast as possible.  In a previous article, we raised the question and discussed the possible reasons for hiring job hoppers.  Today, we are going to discuss what you should do in order to hang on to the job hopper you recently hired.

1. Keep it Interesting

Many job hoppers change jobs so frequently because they love the thrill of a new challenge.  These are employees who will be very excited about their new job for about a year, then gradually become bored after realizing there is no longer the challenge of something new.

Obviously, before you made the final hiring decision on your job hopper, you did your due diligence and thought all of this out ahead of time.  When hiring a job hopper, you need to make sure that you are able to offer continued opportunities to learn something new.

Many a job hopper makes a fantastic Jack of all Trades when given the opportunity.  Provide this employee the chance at not only learning and excelling in their job, but also the opportunity to assist and learn other job functions when needed.  By doing this, you are keeping your employee charged, challenged, and interested.

2. Offer Continued Growth

Give your job hopper a reason to stay.  Offer the chance for advancement into roles that are desirable to your employee based on desires and goals.  If your job hopper aspires to be in management, make it known that this possibility exists with your company.

Have conversations with your employee, making it known the exact opportunities and what is required in order to grow into these opportunities.  Otherwise, your job hopper is going to think you are all talk and no game.  In this type of situation, your job will just be another notch on the hopper’s totem pole.

3. Keep them Included

One of the most important things you can do for your job hopper is to truly welcome him to your team.  Involve your employee in team events.  This allows the employee to build relationships with your team members and feel more at home.  If your job hopper has solid relationships built with you and your staff, he will be more likely to stick around longer.

Perhaps your job hopper is working remotely.  If this is the case, do not give up on including him and building those team relationships!

Set aside meetings and times when your job hopper has video chats with you and your team to discuss projects or receive training.  While video is not exactly the same as face to face interaction, it comes close by allowing you to see facial expressions and better understand each other’s personalities.

In addition, plan to travel your employee into the office from time to time for some face to face time with the team.

In closing, as ERE mentions, “the key to keeping job hoppers is to offer constant engagement and room for growth.”  It really is not that difficult to hang on to your job hopper.  You simply need to create a challenging atmosphere, include him in your team, and offer the opportunity for growth.

What are some additional things you would do in order to hang on to your job hopper?  Please leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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Julia Weeks

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