A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way #Infographic

infographicIn light of Thanksgiving, we thought it would be a good idea to really drive the idea of employee appreciation home. On Thanksgiving day, we talked about how you can make your employees feel appreciated in a simple and cost-effective way. To expand upon that we came across this infographic from Kudos and Visual.ly that shows how a little thanks can go a long way.

Did you know that 50 percent of employees say they would switch jobs if it meant they would receive more recognition? That’s a huge group of employees that are willing to jump ship and hop on another, leaving you short half of your staff. Recognition and employee appreciation doesn’t just help your employees though, it helps you too. A study mentioned in the infographic found that employees that feel they are appreciated, or receive praise, perform better than those that do not. In fact, 78 percent said they would definitely work harder if they received some recognition. Take a look at the infographic for yourself and see how just a little thanks this Thanksgiving season can go a long way for your employees- and your company.

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way