Stress in the Workplace #infographic

The workplace can be a very stressful place. As hiring manager, you are well aware of that. You are constantly making appointments, scanning through resumes, and hopefully setting up video interviews as well. However, did you know that workplace stress is a major cause of turnover as well? When you think about it that way, workplace stress can be a huge issue in the office and for your company. A couple weeks back, we actually posted an article informing employers on how they can reduce employee stress.

In the interest of keeping employee stress down, you should know what the signs of workplace stress are. In this infographic from, you can see the effects stress have on your employees and coworkers. The most obvious signs of stress in the workplace are tiredness, irritability, physical illness and even reduced quality of work. Take a look at the other signs of employee stress below and the causes of it as well.

Workplace Stress: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment