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How to Become a More Innovative and Inspiring Leader

How to Become a More Innovative and Inspiring LeaderAs a manager, your energy truly influences the whole office, whether you realize it or not. Because of this, it’s important to focus on being a more creative and passionate leader. As you continue to accept new ideas, improve company policy, and recruit top talent, you’re enabling your business to perform at a high level. Here are some ways that you can be an innovative and inspiring manager for those around you:

Don’t shy away from new ideas

The best managers are those who embrace and ponder new ideas at all times. Just because your company has done something one way for years and years, doesn’t necessarily mean this is the best way. Keep the business moving forward by remaining open to new ideas. Let others contribute their thoughts, and welcome employee suggestions. As an added bonus, team members who feel their ideas are welcomed and respected are typically more invested in their office than those who are treated as just another cog in the wheel. Plus, great ideas come from all over. You never know which staff member may have a thought that changes everything for your business.

Don’t pigeon hole your team

While each employee must attend to his or her given tasks every day, don’t pigeon hole people into specific roles. If your receptionist is really good at graphic design and wants to use her free time to create a logo for a new company event, embrace that. Encourage team members to use their talents and passions, even if these skills aren’t specifically written into their job descriptions. As long as they remain focused on their core responsibilities as they do it, this can only help your business.

Be vulnerable

Some leaders believe that they have to put up a stoic front at all times in order to be most effective. While you can’t let your employees see you sweat during tough times for the company, in reality, effective leaders let their staffers see their emotions when appropriate. Get excited when someone closes a big sale. Be highly enthusiastic about someone’s new idea. Admit if you don’t have the answer to an inquiry. When your team knows that you’re a person with feelings and dreams and goals like the rest of them, it makes them feel more connected to you.

Don’t panic when failure strikes

Even the most brilliant business professionals will experience failure at some point during their careers. In order to keep your employees on track and to keep morale within the office high, don’t let setbacks totally derail you.

How do you work to keep your employees excited when they come into the office each day? Let us know in the comments!

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