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Making a Major Move? 5 Factors to Consider Before Relocating

So you’ve decided you need a change. You love your job, but outside of that, you just feel dissatisfied. Plenty of companies offer their employees the opportunity to relocate jobs, especially when the employee is valuable.

But before you start lining up your new job at another branch, you need to dig deep and do some research. After all, it’s a major move — you need to be sure it’s right for you.

#5. Motivations for moving

If you’re trying to escape a past relationship or you’re bored with your current city, you might need to reassess your desires for relocating jobs. There should be more motivation to leave your current job and city, like family and friends, a promising career path or a dream that you’ve always wanted to pursue.

#4. Cost of living

Yes, that new location may offer more potential for career growth, but is the salary comparable to the cost of living? Your current salary may be more than enough to live on where you are now, but can it measure up to New York City or Los Angeles standards? Research everything from property taxes to grocery costs to get the best idea of your potential cost of living.

#3. Job security

What are the odds that the new branch you’re moving to would close down as soon as you arrive? Well, those are odds you probably shouldn’t bet against. Talk to your current boss about your desire for relocating jobs, and let him know where you’d prefer to end up. He can provide more insight into how that branch performs and whether or not it’s a smart move for you.

#2. Office environment

Are people happy at your future location? Do they like the boss or despise him or her? These are questions you need to delicately ask before leaving your current position. You don’t want to trade an awesome situation for an unhappy one. Again, this is something you can reach out to your current boss about or someone in a similar position as you in your desired location.

#1. Happenings outside the office

There is more to relocating jobs than the workplace. It’s more like relocating your entire life. Does your future location have plenty of other incentives to make you move? Maybe you’re looking for a vibrant music scene, intramural athletic league or a variety of cultural offerings. Go online and research what your potential future home has to offer you in the way of fun.

If relocating for a job still sounds like the next step for you, talk to your boss. Be transparent about your desire to move but willingness to stay with the company. Chances are, they’ll want to keep you around and do what they can to ensure your happiness and job satisfaction.

Have you ever considered relocating to another branch? Tell us about it in the comments below!

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by Victor1558

Kathryn Randolph

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