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The Benefits of Engaging Top Talent with Video Messaging

Video messaging is an effective way to create branded, personalized videos, at scale, to engage top talent in all stages of your hiring process. 

While remote hiring can sometimes feel impersonal, video messaging allows you to connect in a more personal way with candidates and clients. 

HR Use Cases & Benefits

Video messaging empowers HR and Recruiting teams to increase remote candidate engagement and personalize all phases of the hiring process.

Sourcing Candidates

Video messaging gives you the ability to send personalized videos to candidates when sourcing a pipeline. 

According to HR Technologist, remote hiring requires companies to go the extra mile to strengthen their employer brand in a tight hiring environment. Recruitment marketing videos have proven beneficial in this regard, helping to attract candidates at the start of the recruitment funnel.

Pitching your job or company through videos will help your recruiting emails and LinkedIn messages stand out from all of the communication that your top candidates are receiving from competing organizations.

You can even utilize video requests to involve different team members and give them the opportunity to share testimonials or other messages. This is an excellent way to showcase your diversity and give candidates a feel for the people within your organization.

Involving employees and highlighting corporate culture in your video messages increases remote candidate engagement, especially in the case of remote hiring.

According to HR Technologist, videos that showcase your company culture will inspire interest in what you do and how you do it, making candidates more likely to apply when an opening is available.

Hiring New Employees

You can also use video content to impress potential hires with your organization and deliver a more engaging candidate experience throughout different phases of your hiring process.

Video messages can be sent to candidates to encourage them to move forward in your hiring process or inform them of next steps. You can take this even further by making an offer through a video message to show your genuine interest.

Onboarding New Hires

Welcome new employees to the team by sending them a video message before they start. You can show them the human side of your company to make them feel more at ease before their first day or outline the training schedule for their first week. New employees appreciate the personal greeting and help them feel prepared heading into their first day.

Engaging Employees

Continue to use video messaging to keep your team members motivated and engaged while working remotely. Personalize your remote employee management by using video messaging to send internal memos, including employee recognition, to help employees feel special and engaged.

Staffing Use Cases & Benefits

Staffing and recruiting firms can utilize video messages when communicating with clients and candidates to highlight the firms’ differentiation and innovation.

Personalize Client Communication

Introduce your firm and team members to new clients in a personalized way by sending introductory video messages or including a video message link in your email signature. By providing a face to your brand, you personalize your relationships with clients and differentiate yourself from competitors. 

You can also show clients that you’re taking a proactive approach to finding them the best candidates by including videos in your sourcing messages. 

Additionally, you can make touchpoints more personal and engaging by using video messaging to send updates to clients. 

Personalize Candidate Communication

Utilize video messages to immediately follow up with top candidates following events, meetings, or interviews. This will help you stand out from other firms that may also be contacting these candidates. 

Once you begin working with a candidate, you can keep them informed about where they stand in the process with you and your clients by sending personalized video updates. 

Marketing Clients to Top Candidates

Utilize video requests to encourage your clients to submit short videos to sell candidates on their open positions. When presenting candidates to clients, this will create a genuine image of clients in the minds of candidates and allow them to get a better feel for the organization they may be interviewing for.

Drive New Business

Help your sales team dominate the competition by differentiating themselves and highlighting your firm’s innovative approach to staffing/recruiting.

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