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An Insider's Guide to the Best HR Tech Stack

An Insider’s Guide to the Best HR Tech Stack

I’m not a recruiter, but just like Spark Hire, we are a hiring tool that focuses on improving the hiring process, especially when it comes to screening candidates. I may not be recruiting regularly, but I’ve worked with hundreds of people who are recruiting. Countless times, they share with me problems in their hiring processes and we’ve consistently worked on improving them. The development of HR technology is motivated to helping both job recruiters and job seekers experience the convenience of creating working relationships together. 

Since Kandio is an assessment tool, most of our users are in the pre-selection stage, which is mostly in the early phases of the hiring process. This stage, I would say, is of critical importance to the entire process. Simply put, if you start your pre-selection in the wrong way, your entire process will end up messy. Think of it this way, imagine if you pre-selected a highly qualified candidate because his or her resume stood out. Then a number of days later of putting an effort into moving the candidate forward in the hiring process, you discovered that the resume turned out to be inaccurate. Not only will you have wasted time and effort on that candidate, but you also risk missing out on the more qualified candidates that may have fallen off of your radar because you focused on someone else.

During our time of working with recruiters, they always ask us to integrate with the other hiring tools that they use. And most recruiters request similar integrations to similar tools. I’m not entirely surprised the days of having one dedicated suite take care of an entire hiring system are over. Nowadays, there are unique tools for unique solutions to unique hiring processes.

This is also the reason why we’ve amped our integration features. We may not be readily available to everything yet, but that’s our focus. Having received many integration requests from recruiters all over the world, it goes to show that the most requested tools are a must-have. Let me share with you the most common integration requests that we get:

Formstack Documents – This is something that we personally use and have helped other recruiters do the same. Formstack helps recruiters automate their contracts and payslip generation for the simple reason of efficiency. Sure, not all contracts are the same, but if you have a tool that can save you hundreds of minutes, that’s extra room for more productivity.

Mya – There’s no denying it. Chatbots are conquering the digital world. But don’t fret. They’re not here to take our jobs. They’re not even close, especially for the HR space. Why shouldn’t we worry? Simply because hiring is all about people and building working relationships. That’s why it’s called Human Resources. And trust me, a recruiter’s job isn’t as easy as it sounds. When the candidate market is overflowing with talent it’s both a gift and a curse. It’s a gift to have hundreds, if not thousands, of qualified talent available for you to hire. Whatever the requirements you have for a job position, you can have that relief of knowing that you can definitely find someone for it. But it’s also a curse that as a recruiter, you’d have to sift through all of them just to find that one perfect candidate for the job. Here comes chatbots to the rescue. It’s sophisticated tech that solves a simple problem but impacts productivity a lot. These chatbots are here to be our front-liners. Design them well and they can smooth out your hiring process a lot.

Spark Hire – The gig economy is happening. Teams are going remote, workers are becoming global, and businesses are scaling faster than ever. Even with this new economy, the hiring process is still the same. You still need to interview someone even if they’re from the other side of the world. This is where the need for video interviewing platforms come into play. Even if the workspace is changing, this one part of the hiring process is still as important as ever. It’s essential because an interview brings you a lot of insight. It can help you verify someone’s credentials, check for cultural fit, and gauge their personality. Skills are easily verifiable via assessment tests. Everything else is uncovered through interviewing.

Podio – Hiring is as important as any business process. That’s why it also requires budget management. It’s impossible to hire someone without budget allocation and it’s difficult to be an efficient recruiter if you can’t keep track of your hiring budget. While Podio isn’t exactly a hiring tool, its use as a project management tool is very helpful for building customized workflows. We personally use Podio to manage our entire onboarding process, hiring budgets, salary and benefit management, as well as vacations, sick leave, bonuses, and everything in between hiring and termination. We can track the efficiency of our hiring process and give insight into its business impact. 

Last, of course, is Kandio, the platform I created and have lead since the beginning. Kandio is an easy-to-use hard-skill assessment platform where companies in all sizes can leverage tests written by opinion-leading authorities. Employing the wrong person in the first place can be detrimental to both business goals and outcomes. So besides obvious personality and culture-fit assessments, we have a hard-skill evaluation in place to ensure that the candidate is actually the expert they claim to be.

Not all companies will have the same hiring processes. But the essentials are there. Nowadays, whatever the process is, there are tools like these that can help anyone hire according to their needs. When selecting these tools, remember that there are two sides to the entire process, the efficiency of the process for the recruiter and the candidate experience. So whether you’re making a mobile-friendly candidate experience or streamlining your interview process for rapid growth hiring, treat the entire process as a two-way working relationship. 

About the Author

Kasper DamKasper Dam is the CEO and Founder of Kandio. With several successful companies in the past, and an obsession with technology, Kasper and Kandio is helping companies hire better people by democratizing expert knowledge. When he’s not assessing candidates, he’s joining marathons, keynotes, workshops and courses to further his mission of solving the world of hires. If you’re a stranger and you get stuck with him in an elevator, you’d probably end up talking about technology trends, business strategies and emerging markets – especially in and around South East Asia. 

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