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The Way Technology Impacts the Recruitment Process

The Way Technology Impacts the Recruitment Process

Technology has set roots in the business world. Now, every aspect of business is affected by technological advancements. Consequently, the recruitment process has seen several changes due to technological advancements. Unlike before, when talent acquisition focused on tangible things such as resume and references, now, there is so much more to be discovered and analyzed about the candidates. 

The role of HR managers and recruiters is now faced with new aspects of recruitment. Having an understanding of how online sources can power up the hiring process is a big advantage. So here are examples of how the hiring process has changed due to the introduction of technology. 

Vast Candidate Opportunities

Years ago, when technology in recruitment was only a dream, the only sources of potential employees were candidates who saw your job posting and submitted their resume.

Did this offer an opportunity to choose the best of the best? No, it didn’t. But nowadays, you do have a chance to find the best talent for yourself, online.

“We are dwelling in a digital sphere now, more connected than ever, more global, and it’s having really compelling impacts on what I used to call transaction-based hiring. We used to find and hire talent one by one, resume by resume, task by task, place by place”, says Meghan M. Biro, founder of Talent Culture. “Now companies are turning to tools to find talent wherever it is, freeing up hiring teams to then build relationships and spend time with prospects, rather than having to jump through name after name.”

Think about how limited the choice would be without having an online community to spread the word about a new job post.

Automation for Simplification

Thanks to the recruiting technology, HR managers and recruiters are saved from daunting and repetitive tasks. According to Executive Grapevine International, 63% of recruiters listed their ‘worst nightmare’ as spending too much time on administrative tasks.The way recruiters access the hiring process and classification of data has been changed with automation.

Let’s reflect how automation is affecting the hiring process:

  • Multi-channel sourcing technology – Integrate with career sites and collect profiles from multiple sources.
  • Interview scheduling – Automated scheduling of multiple interview rounds.
  • System-generated offer letters – Remove the need for employees to send offer letters. 
  • Data entry – Software collects and automatically enters all candidate data.
  • Tracking of the recruitment process – Automation allows you to follow which phases of the hiring process have been finished and which are yet to come.
  • Onboarding – Automatically create a paperless employee profile.  

Immediate communication

Sharing information and successful communication is the crux of a good candidate experience. 

Thankfully, technology has made this a whole lot easier.

Avoid delivery problems you might encounter with phone communication or emails by using apps.

Mobile apps provide you with seamless and immediate communication that ensures quick and efficient exchange of information. 

“This technological advancement allows candidates to keep track of all necessary recruitment steps. On the other hand, recruiters can ask for and receive all the needed information through the app,” emphasizes Kirstin Parrish, an HR manager at The Word Point

Cloud Storage for Safe Data Keeping

The pilling data that recruiters must keep organized and safe has always been a constant struggle.

Physical devices are limited, brittle, and prone to manipulation. With sensitive data at risk, the whole recruitment process had an inevitable weak spot. 

All of that has changed with the introduction of cloud storage

A 2014 report by Forrester Research claims that the public cloud market is estimated to reach $191 billion by 2020 which shows a notable climb from $58 billion in 2013. The popularity of this type of data-keeping is rising fast.  

Not only is the cloud storage safer and easily manageable, but it is also a whole lot cheaper than investing in hard drives. 

The Influence of Social Media

According to a recent study, 50.5% of recruiters say social media has changed their recruiting results. While 41% of employers say they research current employees on social media, 79% of job seekers say they are likely to use social media in their job search. 

What we can conclude is that both parties rely on social media.

During the last few years, as social media continues to grow in popularity, social recruitment has seen substantial growth.

The benefits of social media are recognized by recruiters. It allows them to spread the word about a new open position as well as to get a better insight into potential employees.

When it comes to online networks they use, here are the most exploited social media platforms:

Image Source

These social media sources provide you an insight into candidates’ professional experience as well as their ability to present themselves in the best light. Considering that every employee is the face of the company, their online presence should be spotless.

The Revolution of Recruitment Process Is Undeniable

With all the changes that have come with the introduction of technology in the hiring process, recruiters and HR managers have received a chance for better and more efficient talent acquisition. This revolutionary step towards effective hiring has offered an opportunity for finding the best employees, enabling automated processes, and accessible data management. Implementing these advancements, one by one, companies will be able to save time and money on the recruitment process.

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