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Clicking for Candidates: 4 Risks of Online Recruitment

Everyone has a LinkedIn profile these days, and we think nothing of it. In fact, online job recruitment is so prevalent in today’s job search that even Facebook is getting in on the action with Facebook Careers. But before we all give three cheers for online recruitment, there are some important risks to consider.

BedTimes Magazine, a website devoted to the sleep product industry, recently posted an interesting commentary on the risks of online recruitment that can apply to any industry. They referenced data from a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management which pointed out that only 26% of surveyed companies in 2011 were using online platforms to search for potential job candidates, down from 34% in 2008.

The data revealed that this is in large part due to the risks of online job recruitment. With that, BedTimes Magazine unveiled four risks that hiring recruiters need to take into consideration before they surf the web for their next job candidates.

#4. Online Recruiting Makes for a Larger Candidate Pool

You’ve probably experienced this by now. The ease of applying to a job these days far outweighs the time it took a decade ago. With just a few minutes and a click of a mouse, a candidate can apply for a job. Hiring recruiters now have to dig through many, many more resumes to find the perfect candidates to interview, let alone hire. If your human resources team has been up to their elbows in online job applications, it may be time to downsize your online recruitment efforts.

#3. Legal Issues with Social Media Recruiting

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc., it’s easy to keep tabs on a job candidate 24-7. With just a few clicks you can check out what they’re up to, what they’re eating, what they’re drinking, where they’ve been…the list goes on and on. It’s a slippery slope — to a lawsuit. If a job candidate were to find out that you based hiring decisions off of their personal online image, it could spell trouble for your company. Tread carefully in how you use social media for online recruitment. Use it to find candidates; not keep tabs on them.

#2. Misrepresentation of Job Candidates

Dishonest job candidates have found a beneficial loophole in the job search thanks to online recruitment. They can just as easily fabricate academic records, work experience and skills expertise online as they can on paper. Though this is a general recruitment problem, it’s important to be aware that a job candidate’s profile isn’t any more legitimate because it’s online.

#1. Creates In-House Issues for Managers and HR Recruiters

This goes back to the second point that a candidate’s online image shouldn’t be used against them. Perhaps your department refrains from looking at a candidate’s social media profiles, but what about managers within the company? These risks aren’t just for one department; they’re for those who have any say in hiring processes, if not the company as a whole.

Do the benefits of online recruiting outweigh the risks? Please share in the comments.

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by The Fayj

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