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Mobile Recruiting: Make It Work For You

Last week we talked about social recruiting. With the number of smart phone users trafficking social media, mobile recruiting is the natural follow-up discussion. Mobile recruiting simply refers to recruiting candidates through their mobile devices. This can mean making contact with candidates through apps, text messages, or other internet media that a user can easily access on a smart phone or tablet. Research shows that 70% of job seekers use their smart phones or other mobile devices in their job search, so it is more important than ever to connect with candidates on the go. Here are 3 quick ways to make mobile recruiting work for you.

Make your ads mobile-friendly

Are your help-wanted ads or job posts mobile-friendly? Anyone who has tried to access a website that is not optimized for a smart phone knows what a headache it can be. Test your company’s help-wanted ads on your mobile device and see how good the posting looks. Test links, attachments, and anything else a smart phone user might need to investigate. Actually applying to the position might require technology beyond a smart phone. However, job seekers should be able to get excited about your job opening based on what they see on their mobile device.

If your normal venue for job postings won’t work for your mobile recruiting efforts, it might be time to place your ads elsewhere. Also be sure to check the quality of your company career website for mobile access.

Use social media

Social media was built in the age of mobile devices and smart phones—it is an ideal platform for mobile recruiting. Check out last week’s article for more specifics on building a social media presence for your company. Users can access your company’s social media sites very easily from their smart phones—anything that has an app (like Spark Hire’s mobile app) is a great tool for mobile recruiting!

Mobilize your business

Businesses with the most successful mobile recruiting campaigns are often those who already engage with mobile device users as part of their business plans. This is the same concept that we talked about last week: companies that use social media for their business make the best use of social recruiting.

These perks aren’t just for Silicon Valley! Every business can use both social media and mobile media as part of their business practices and recruiting practices.

Begin by making sure that your website and other online materials are mobile-friendly. Then begin to check that the other ways you publicize your business—direct ads, commercials, community involvement—make use of mobile devices. Be sure your ads are mobile-friendly, list your company website on any commercials, and be sure that employees use social media whenever they are representing your company in the community.

Good publicity like this does wonders for your recruiting strategies—and it doesn’t hurt your bottom line, either!

How do you use mobile recruiting at your company? Spark a conversation below.

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