Spark Hire and TRIS Video Interviewing Integration

Spark Hire and TRIS Partner to Launch Video Interviewing Integration for Recruitment Agencies

Spark Hire is excited to announce its partnership and video interviewing integration with TRIS (Total Recruitment Information System), recruitment software built by recruiters for recruiters. The integration allows TRIS customers to optimize their workflow by utilizing Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions within their TRIS account. Recruitment agencies looking to grow must take advantage of this powerful integration to consistently develop strong candidate and client relationships that will help to ensure a consistent rise in revenue.

“At Spark Hire, we understand how hyper-competitive the recruitment industry can be which is why we’re so excited about what the Spark Hire and TRIS integration delivers for recruitment agencies,” said Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “Our integration with TRIS is extremely intuitive and simple-to-use. It will give recruitment agencies the ability to enhance their recruiting strategies and bring their organizations to the next level so that they can come out on top of their competition.”

If you’re interested in checking out the Spark Hire and TRIS integration or are an existing customer that wants to get set up, contact us today!