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Spark Hire and Comeet - Two Leaders in Hiring Solutions Join Forces to Revolutionize Talent Acquisition

Spark Hire and Comeet – Two Leaders in Hiring Solutions Join Forces to Revolutionize Talent Acquisition

Spark Hire, the world’s #1 video interview platform, has announced the integration of Comeet, a leading applicant tracking system, into its innovative product offerings. By creating an unparalleled suite of talent acquisition solutions that leverages cutting-edge technologies and expertise, this merger is a major milestone for both companies.

Founded in 2012, Spark Hire is an award-winning video interviewing software company that empowers thousands of satisfied customers globally to improve their speed to hire. A one-stop shop for fast and effective candidate screening tools, the platform facilitates key stakeholder collaboration to improve hiring outcomes. 

Streamlining early interviews by mitigating scheduling conflicts allows hiring teams to screen more candidates with greater accuracy and extend offers to top candidates at least 2x faster. Spark Hire continues to develop solutions that streamline more parts of the hiring process for mid-market companies, including partnering with leaders in hiring efficiency.

Comeet, established in 2013, has been at the forefront of applicant tracking and candidate management platforms. The company has a proven track record of helping renowned enterprises, such as KPMG, Fiverr, and streamline and optimize hiring processes. With its innovative approach, Comeet has created a significant impact on talent acquisition. And its mission aligns seamlessly with Spark Hire’s vision to revolutionize the end-to-end hiring process.

The merger between Spark Hire and Comeet leverages the strengths of both companies. With shared target markets and complementary technologies, the combined entity will serve an extensive customer base of over 7,000 companies. Following the merger, both products and brands will continue to operate independently, ensuring a seamless experience for customers. 

This merger positions Spark Hire to bring a comprehensive suite of hiring solutions to the talent acquisition industry. 

Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire, said, “This merger with Comeet represents a strategic opportunity for Spark Hire. We are excited to join forces with a company that has a strong international presence, a highly-rated applicant tracking system, and a track record of exceptional customer satisfaction. Together, we will continue to innovate and provide our customers with unrivaled talent acquisition solutions.”

Omer Tadjer, co-founder and CEO of Comeet, added, “We have always been committed to empowering talent acquisition leaders and revolutionizing the hiring process. This merger with Spark Hire enables us to accelerate our mission, leveraging their expertise and resources to deliver even greater value to our customers.”

The merger represents a transformative step in the talent acquisition landscape. Spark Hire and Comeet are united by their shared vision of driving the industry forward through innovation and customer-centric solutions. The integration of these two companies facilitated through Boathouse Capital, a prominent private equity firm, will undoubtedly provide businesses with a more comprehensive suite of recruiting and hiring solutions, helping them streamline their processes and find the right talent faster.

Quick notes for Spark Hire customers

  • Spark Hire’s platform will continue to operate as usual. No action is required.
  • You do not need to be a Comeet customer in order to use Spark Hire and vice versa.
  • Spark Hire will continue to invest in developing the platform, with new features, products, and improvements for our customers in the near future.
  • You’ll still work with the same great Spark Hire team. You can expect to see the same level of service and dedication you’ve always experienced with us.
  • We’re fully committed to the continued support of our existing partnerships/integrations with applicant tracking systems.

Frequently asked questions

What is Comeet?
Comeet is an applicant tracking system with nearly 800 customers across the world and is recognized on G2 as a leader in the ATS space with an average customer rating of 4.6/5.0 stars.
Why are Spark Hire and Comeet merging?
Spark Hire’s purpose has always been to give organizations a hiring advantage.

To date, we’ve focused on delivering this advantage with our video interview platform.

However, for us to drive an even larger hiring advantage for our customers, we saw an opportunity to expand the scope of our offerings and where we sit in the hiring process.

Adding an applicant tracking system to the Spark Hire portfolio – among future products on the roadmap – enables us to bring you more technology options to optimize your hiring process.

How will this impact my existing Spark Hire account?
There will be no changes to your existing Spark Hire account, current contract, or support level as a result of the merger.

You do not need to be a Spark Hire customer to use Comeet and vice versa.

Both products and brands will continue operations and customers will benefit from additional investment in new offerings and functionalities from each of the platforms.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and being able to offer additional products such as an applicant tracking system and more in the future!

How does this merger benefit me as a Spark Hire customer?
As a Spark Hire customer, consider this merger a symbol of our deep commitment and investment in delivering more solutions that will take your hiring process to the next level.

The video interviewing platform and applicant tracking system are just the start of what we plan to bring to the market.

We also recognize that leveraging solutions from a single provider is far better than working across various vendors and contracts. We envision a future in which you can run your hiring process from end to end with Spark Hire.

How does this impact the Spark Hire product roadmap?
While our combined engineering teams will dedicate time to building an amazing integration between Spark Hire and Comeet, we are heavily investing in expanding the capabilities of the Spark Hire platform as you know it.

The Spark Hire product roadmap is full of improvements based on customer feedback, exciting innovation, and new products that will further boost the value we’ll be able to deliver for your hiring process.

Will Spark Hire continue to support integrations with applicant tracking systems?
Yes, Spark Hire plans to continue supporting our integrations with applicant tracking systems. We’ve built great relationships with our 40+ partners that you can view here.
Speaking of integrations, is Spark Hire and Comeet integrated yet?
One of the first orders of business will be integrating the two platforms to provide a seamless and feature-rich user experience. We will keep our customers updated on the timeline of the integration release.
What are the plans for merging the brands and companies?
The merger was just completed. It will take some time to merge the brands and companies.

In short, Comeet’s applicant tracking system will be additive to Spark Hire’s product offering.

Spark Hire’s CEO, Josh Tolan, will remain as CEO of the combined organization.

How do I learn more about Comeet’s applicant tracking system?
The companies still have some work to do on integrating the products, but if you’d like to learn more about Comeet, we encourage you to visit the website at

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