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Why a Speedy Hiring Process is Key for Startups

Why a Speedy Hiring Process is Key for Startups

Bringing the right people on board has a major impact on the future success of a startup, as this kind of environment is typically one where employees fill several roles. While you want to make a careful decision when it comes to filling an open spot within your business, taking too long to hire can actually be detrimental. Here’s why slow hiring is problematic for fledgling businesses:

Candidates who are in top demand typically won’t wait to get an offer from you

You want to acquire the best talent possible in order to help drive your company forward. However, if you have to wait weeks or months to make an offer to an individual, it’s likely that this person will already have received an offer elsewhere. When it’s your turn, they’ll no longer be available, leaving you with a pool of less desirable candidates. Over time, this can bring down the level of talent found in your office.

Taking longer to hire doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll make smarter choices

While it may feel like taking time to carefully evaluate each candidate ensures that you’re getting a capable, positive employee, in reality this is not always the case. Candidates who interview well may not turn out to perform as you had hoped. Those who receive glowing recommendations from past supervisors may not actually deserve the level of praise heaped upon them. You can research a candidate for months and still end up making a bad hire. For these reasons, it’s best to gather as much information as possible and then act, rather than driving yourself crazy worrying about whether you’re making the right choice.

You stretch other employees too thin when positions are left vacant

In a startup environment, one employee often fills several roles. Therefore, when someone leaves and a position is left open, it’s easy for the employees who remain to become overwhelmed as they try to handle their jobs while picking up the slack caused by the departure. Protect your current employees’ sanity by filling open roles quickly and ensuring that no one person is taking on too much.

In addition to these concerns, if it takes you months to make a hiring decision, potential employees may become hesitant to work for you. They’ll feel that if you’re paralyzed when it comes to making one choice, how will you be when it comes to making other decisions regarding your business? Hiring in a careful yet speedy way is an important part of protecting the health and future success of your company, particularly when your business is new to the market.

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