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Digital Interviewing Best Practices to Grow Your Staffing Firm

Digital Interviewing Best Practices to Grow Your Staffing Firm

There’s no escaping the technological world — and who would want to? According to Bullhorn’s 2018 North American Staffing & Recruiting Trends Report, staffing and recruiting firms are diving in head first. In fact, 52 percent of firms anticipate an increase in tech spending.

If you’re one of those, it’s critical anything you spend money on is used effectively and efficiently. Because as a staffing pro, you have no time to waste when filling clients’ open positions.

Not only are they paying you to fill the role, but also the longer it remains open, the more strain your clients experience. And, let’s be honest, the faster you fill that position, the higher your fill rate becomes — impressing all current and potential clients, and allowing you to focus on the next open position.

With digital interviews, you have the power to help clients screen candidates faster by giving them in-depth insight into each candidate they review. This allows the best candidates to stand out to your clients and improves placement speed.

Let’s take it a step further by improving your digital interview experience for candidates and clients:

Coach candidates on best practices

The more you prepare candidates, the better their chances of impressing your clients. Start by ensuring candidates understand why digital interviews are an important part of the process. Explain how employers and hiring managers will see a much clearer picture of their skills and qualifications. Arguably more important, employers will also connect with candidates on a relatable, personable level — allowing them to make a faster assessment and move forward.

Once candidates understand the importance of digital interviews, guide them through best practices by offering resources, such as best interview practice guides, tips on attire, how-to guides to answer frequently asked questions, and tips on finding the perfect interview location.

Further take control of the candidate experience by bringing candidates into your office to complete digital interviews. Set up a professional background and walk them through the interview in real time.

By giving candidates the opportunity to deliver the best version of themselves, clients will receive top-quality videos with their most critical questions answered.

Collaborate on insightful questions

Questions are at the heart of every interview. Each question must be insightful, giving clients a deeper look behind candidates’ resumes.

To do this, it’s critical you collaborate with clients to come up with the questions they need candidates to answer.

Together, prepare questions that will help clients get to the bottom of the question, “what would make you feel confident to move forward with a candidate?” Based on your clients’ responses, craft questions together that allow candidates to demonstrate their skills, qualifications, work style, personal interests, attitude, and drive.

Then, use these specific questions during digital interviews. When you send clients your shortlist of candidates, they’re now receiving the exact information needed to make a quick and informed decision.

Impress clients with top candidates

Show candidates the days of educated guesswork recruiting are over. You are now sending them only top candidates — and your digital interviews are proof.

When you share the video interviews with clients, be sure to point out how you structured the questions around what’s important to them.

The videos add an additional element to your typical presentation which makes your candidates more tangible to clients. As a result, your clients will be empowered to take quicker action on who they want to move forward with.

A pro tip is to mutually agree on a deadline for clients to provide you with feedback the interviews you send over. This keeps your process moving and will ultimately lead to faster placements.

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