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Make Your Placement Process Shine With Positive Candidate Experiences

Make Your Staffing Firm’s Placement Process Shine With Positive Candidate Experiences

A whopping 90 percent of professionals are open to new job opportunities, according to LinkedIn’s recent report, Inside the Mind of Today’s Candidate. For staffing pros accustomed to stressing over dwindling talent pools, this is great news.

However, the recruiting process hasn’t suddenly become a walk in the park. The greatest challenge, though, has shifted from finding interested candidates to ensuring they remain interested in your clients’ opportunities.

To create the most successful recruiting strategy, staffing pros need set aside placement goals and focus solely on candidates as people. Today’s candidates are looking for companies they can connect with and staffing pros who have their best interest in mind. This is why you need to create an extremely positive candidate experience.

With tight deadlines and demanding clients, it’s difficult to hone in specifically on the candidate experience. But in doing so, you’ll improve your overall recruiting results.

Here’s how you can deliver the ultimate candidate experience:

Candidate Experience Tip #1: Make their day with flattery

The everyday stress of work, climbing the ladder, networking, and the entire hiring process — your potential candidates already have more than enough on their plates. Each new point in their career, especially during a job search, creates a high level of vulnerability.

By reaching out to candidates, staffing pros can make candidates feel seen and appreciated. In fact, according to the previously mentioned LinkedIn report, 63 percent of candidates feel flattered when recruiters reach out. Outreach isn’t just perceived as a compliment; it draws candidates into clients’ companies and job opportunities.

Before you go sending scripted LinkedIn messages en masse, take a moment and do your research to enhance the candidate experience. Find specific, unique details to further your compliments and create deeper, more meaningful connections.

Knowing more about a candidate upon first interaction will enhance the flattery, making them even more curious about your open opportunities.

Candidate Experience Tip #2: Answer all unasked questions

Many qualified candidates are slipping through the talent acquisition process because they’re busy in a current full-time role. Even though they’re interested in new opportunities, it takes time to scour through job descriptions, make a list of questions, and reach out to hiring professionals.

Know what’s important to potential candidates before connecting. In LinkedIn’s report, job details and salary range topped the list of things job seekers want to know.

Cater your content to each client’s target candidate. Create a succinct, bulleted list of every detail they’d find necessary to make an informed decision. Candidates will notice the increased amount of information and want to connect with you faster than those reaching out with vague details.

Candidate Experience Tip #3: Make it all about them

Your candidate experience will never improve if you’re overly focused on client needs. But remember, by making candidates the most important part of the process, your recruiting process will attract more top talent than ever — exactly what makes clients smile.

Once you’ve made sure candidates understand the open role, let them take over. Allow an open discussion about what makes them unique, their passions, and why their experiences qualify them for this specific role.

Listening more than talking gives candidates the warm, fuzzy feeling of being heard and important. At the same time, you’ll learn more about their personality, cultural fit, and skills than ever before.

Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.