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How Altara Group Improves High-Volume Placement Speed by 50% with Video Interviews

At the beginning of 2020, employers thrived as the dominant force in the talent market. Through the rise of COVID-19 and its economic impact, the power dynamics of the employment market shifted. There are more candidates in the market than in the last few years, and recruiting agencies and HR teams alike have to sift through these applicants to find those best fit for their open positions. One recruiting agency that takes massive amounts of candidates in stride is The Altara Group. And not only do they handle massive influxes of candidates, but using their streamlined processes, increased their placement speed by 50%.

About The Altara Group

The Altara Group provides quality recruitment, executive placement, and people management services and advice. They work with clients to maximize client productivity and profitability by sourcing, screening, and providing the best candidates. As an innovative firm, the team always looked for tools to help save time and resources. One of their biggest “sticking points” was their quantity of applications. Receiving 15,000 applications per year made for a large volume of time-consuming phone screens for recruiters. The team needed a tool that allowed candidates to complete their initial screenings on their own time, from wherever they are located.

The Tech

The challenges above led them to Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform. Specifically, The Altara Group uses the one-way interview to pre-set interview questions for their candidates to answer. This form of structured interview allows them to gain more insights on their candidates, without blocking off precious recruiter time with phone screens.

The Process

Before using video interviews, recruiters began screening with a phone call, sometimes requiring multiple. By using one-way video interviews to get their initial questions answered before a face-to-face or live video interview, the recruiters drastically reduced the number of calls they were required to make. This meant the team could more effectively manage their time, working closely with candidates most likely to fit with their clients open positions. When submitting to clients, The Altara Group is able to use Spark Hire’s Candidate Showcase to submit their best candidates to clients for review. This meant their clients have more than just a resume to review for every candidate, they can learn directly from the candidates themselves!

The Results

Not long into their process changes with the addition of video interviews, the team realized they were placing candidates faster than ever before and earning more money for every placement. Using their time savings and increased profits, the team was able to shift resources to other areas of business, further improving their profitability and firm operations.

Since they started using Spark Hire in 2015, Altara Group has made over 1,500 candidate placements. Their submit-to-hire ratio also increased to 80%, and their placement speed over 50%. And with results like that, it wasn’t hard to get the rest of the team on board for their new recruiting process. Combining the already-obvious results with the ease of use of the platform, it was easy for every member of the team to see how video interviews would provide them with more leverage to improve their work.

Going Forward

The team continues to love the time saving abilities of video interviewing. When landing on a great candidate, it’s easy to make quick decisions about the best placement for them. In addition, many candidates can be screened in the time it used to take to complete one phone screen. In addition, using video interviews helps their candidates become more comfortable with companies, whether hiring for an internal team or a client. Allowing candidates to complete interviews on their own time lets them relax and open up more, providing better insights.

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