Recruiting on Google+

Between LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, it’s about time that Google+ joins the party in online recruitment. While it’s more of a social networking platform like Facebook, it still has merit in social media recruiting. Not only does it provide an outlet for networking but also drives exposure for job opportunities and company brand.

How Video Interviews Change the Way You Recruit

If video interviews are a bit foreign to your recruiting process, you may be questioning why you should change the way you’ve done things for years in order to accommodate this relatively newer tool. But once you begin depending on video interviews, you’ll soon find that they enable you to do your job faster and […]

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Avoid the Lies Recruiters Tell

When it comes to recruiting, all professionals are susceptible to telling little white lies like, “I’ll be in touch” or “The perfect job for you is out there somewhere.” While good recruiters have the best of intentions when uttering these little lies, the outcome is not in the best interest of the candidate or the […]

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Using Data to Market and Recruit Top Talent

“Big data” is becoming an emerging term in the human resources and staffing industry. While it is used by huge companies like Xerox to determine which job candidates are best suited for open job opportunities, it can now also act as the first step to recruit top-notch talent to your small business or startup. Used […]

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