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How Video Interviews Change the Way You Recruit

If video interviews are a bit foreign to your recruiting process, you may be questioning why you should change the way you’ve done things for years in order to accommodate this relatively newer tool. But once you begin depending on video interviews, you’ll soon find that they enable you to do your job faster and with greater ease. Most importantly, though, the video interview will better help you round out and get a better picture of job candidates.

More Interviews

For recruiters and managers, setting up a video interview is very simple. All you have to do is prepare a list of questions that you would like each candidate to answer. This guarantees that every job candidate will have the same questions and format, allowing you to better compare one interview to the others.

Video interviews also make the online recruitment process a little more seamless. You know by now that most job seekers are applying for opportunities online. After looking over their resume, you can respond to their application with a video interview request, enabling you to conduct more interviews without having to go through the motions to prepare and conduct each and every preliminary interview.

More Time

You can probably infer from the above that video interviews save you a great deal of time. When you find candidates you’re interested in, you don’t have to go back and forth finding a time that works for both of you to meet. You also don’t have to spend the actual time sitting down with someone for the interview.

Video interviews provide answer after answer, taking half the time of a typical interview. Furthermore, they can take place when it’s convenient for you. Watch them over lunch, after work or before a meeting.

More In-Depth

Finally, video interviews allow for more in-depth talent acquisition. You can get a better picture of job candidates sooner in the process. What’s more, you can depend on the video interview to act as a preliminary interview, giving you one more facet of the recruiting process to depend on.

From video interviews, you can obviously get answers to your questions, but you can also gauge a candidate’s professionalism, confidence and candor before investing in the time and resources to bring them into the office for a final interview. Essentially, it prevents you from wasting any time on an in-person interview for a candidate that clearly wasn’t the right fit for the job or the company once you met them.

If video interviews don’t play a role in your recruiting process, consider implementing them over the course of this new year. You’ll find that as more job seekers find and apply for opportunities online, this avenue of interviewing will not only become more popular but vital as well.

Do you think you’ll begin to use video interviews during the job search process — why or why not? Share now in our comments!

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