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5 Signals of a Reliable Online Recruitment Agency

There are many online recruitment agencies that promise excellent job placement or staffing services but which recruitment agency is reliable? Several companies today use the services of a recruitment agency to find the right staff and on the other side many individuals use the services of recruitment agencies to find placement in good companies. Recruitment agencies play an important part in providing skilled workers. However, finding the right online recruitment agency is important if you want to get the best workers for your company. Here are some signals of a reliable online recruitment agency:

1. Reputation

There are many online recruitment agencies out there but if you are looking for a reliable one, then you must first determine what kind of recruitment agency you are looking for. There are general recruitment agencies and there are specialized recruitment agencies. One of the sure signs of a reliable online recruitment agency is that they will have a good online reputation. With all the competition in the market, and online recruitment agencies vying for the top spot, you should be able to check online for positive feedback for that particular agency.

2. Successful Placements

Any reliable online recruitment agency will have successfully staffed at least a couple of companies, because that is what they are there for. Any online recruitment agency that cannot provide proof of companies for whom they have provided staff for, might not be the best place to go to. Look for positive feedback from companies the recruitment agency has worked with.

3. Competence

A reliable online recruitment agency will be able to perfectly match the applicants’ skill set, career ambition with the available positions. Check with the recruitment agency as to what positions they are able to find for your skill set. If the agency is a reliable one, they will be able to match your skills with the right position. Or in case you are a company looking for staff, they will be able to show you candidates that match your job requirement.

4. Research

Do your research before you choose an online recruitment agency. Ask people, family, friends and other business professionals about that online recruitment agency. Someone will be able to give you some insight as to the performance of the recruitment agency whether it is a good, reliable agency or not. One good way to check is to ask the recruitment agency for references. Any reliable recruitment agency will be able to provide you with sufficient references. Take time to review the agency before you choose it.

5. Registered

With so many scams out there online, it is important to check whether the online recruitment agency is registered with appropriate agencies. Most reliable online recruitment agencies will be registered with some government or semi-government body. This is also one way to check if the agency is reliable or not.

While looking for reliable online recruitment agencies, some agencies might promise jobs for an upfront fee. If that is the case it might be wise to hold off for some time before you start giving out your money in order to find a job. Most recruitment agencies will charge a certain commission only after you have been successfully placed in a company.

What else might you look for in a reliable online recruitment agency? Share with us in the comments.

IMAGE: Courtesy of Flickr by Victor1558

About the Author: Spencer Jacobs is the Director of Forties People – The London Recruitment Agency with a mature outlook and an innovative approach. We help companies find the best candidates for finance, accountancy and administrative job vacancies in London, Watford or Hertfordshire.

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