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3 Hiring Strategies That No Longer Work

3 Hiring Strategies That No Longer WorkHiring top talent has become more challenging for companies over the past several years.  Gone are the days when you could post a job advertisement and immediately be flooded with resumes of experts.

Today, companies must become more creative with their hiring strategies by considering what no longer works and how to improve and modernize.

Posting Job Advertisements

As referenced on LinkedIn Talent Blog, posting a job advertisement on job boards is no longer a strong recruiting strategy.  There are so many job postings on the career boards.  Some of these postings are even scams, which may deter top talent from referencing job boards as frequently as they did in the past.

Likewise, posting job openings to newspapers no longer works.  The top talent you are looking for is more than likely not browsing the local daily for job opportunities.

Instead of job postings, make sure you have someone devoted to hunting for the talent you need. This could be someone in your Human Resources department or a Recruiting Professional from an external resource.  Either way, it is important that your company is focused on going out in search of top talent, rather than waiting for talent to come to you.

Focusing on Money to Entice Top Talent

No longer is top talent only concerned about salary, as stated on LinkedIn Talent Blog.  It is highly ineffective to believe that you can post and advertise high salary in hopes that you can coerce top talent to leave a current job to work for you.

Today’s top talent is looking for not only great compensation, but also excellent benefits, retirement plans, flexible schedules, and strong company culture.  Take a look at your company culture and determine why someone would want to work at your company.  Make sure that your employer brand effectively communicates all of the tangible, as well as intangible benefits of working at your company.

Only Working with Contingent Recruiters

Today’s recruiters are overwhelmed with the number of job openings they are recruiting for.  Many contingent recruiters are juggling 20 or more job openings at one time, knowing that some of them will not close.  When recruiters are faced with this realization, they must spread their focus across many different positions at once, in hopes that some of them will close in order to receive payment.  This means you run the risk of your opening playing second fiddle to others.

Wouldn’t you rather know that your position is receiving a recruiter’s full attention and focus?  Consider retaining a recruiter to hunt for the talent you need.  Yes, you will pay a fee up front.  However, this fee demonstrates your seriousness to the recruiter.  This gives your opening a better chance to receive full recruiting attention, resulting in faster and quality results.

Modernizing your hiring strategies is not difficult, but it does require that you get creative with any advertisements and how you are going about finding and attracting top talent.

What are some ways you have modernized your company hiring strategy in the last several years?  Please share your tips and recommendations in the comments below.  

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