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Unusual Company Perks that Attract Top Tier Talent

Unusual Company Perks that Attract Top Tier TalentWhen it comes to recruiting the best in the business, companies are pulling out all the stops. These organizations know that they’re up against tough competition, and they’re willing to do what it takes to stand out. Some examples of big-name organizations going the extra mile to land top tier talent include:


Google is focused on attracting staff members who are truly passionate about what they do, but in order to keep workplace morale high, they offer employees a whole host of perks. This includes free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, free haircuts, use of a gym and pool, a laundry facility and dry cleaning services, gamerooms that feature ping pong, billiards, and foosball, and an on-site medical team.

Death benefits are another unique yet important offering made by the company. Spouses of employees continue to receive 50 percent of the deceased’s salary for a decade. Kids get a $1,000 monthly payment until they turn 19. Maternity benefits at Google include 18 weeks paid leave. New dads get to use six weeks of paid leave. These atypical perks help to offset long hours, and draw in the best in a highly competitive field.


This business analytics software firm offers unlimited sick days and three weeks of paid vacation, as well as access to on-site healthcare and childcare centers. Employees can also use on-site gyms at the main headquarters, and get reimbursed for gym memberships at satellite offices. There is a scholarship program in place for kids of employees and no dress code is enforced. When asked about these benefits, employees have explained that these perks leave them feeling cared for and appreciated.


To help ensure that the company is able to keep up with its signature high-level of customer service, Zappos treats its employees well. The thought process is that when employees are happy, they’re more likely to treat customers better. Some perks of working for Zappos include: pet insurance, access to an on-site wellness center, above average medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage, pre-paid legal counsel, free food throughout the day, and nap rooms.

While some of these perks may seem extravagant or excessive, when employees are happy, it’s been shown to increase morale and boost productivity. Clearly these organizations know that happy team members yield happier clients, better sales, and a more successful company overall.

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