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4 Personalities That Make a Good Team

When it comes to looking for candidate traits, some qualities are indisputably great: industriousness, kindness, honesty, and punctuality. Most hiring managers also look for people who are extroverted, persistent, and ready to try new things. However, these candidate traits are not the only ones to look for when hiring. It really does take all types to form a great team. Here are 4 personality types that are great to have on your team (that you might accidentally overlook).


Extroverts get a lot of the glory when it comes sought-after candidate traits. They are more sociable and often easier to get to know than introverts. However, it’s important to have introverts on your team for a few reasons. For starters, not everyone needs to talk at every meeting. What chaos that would be! During the hiring process, don’t discount a candidate just because s/he is quiet. A recent study actually suggests that introverts are more productive, and better team players in the long run: they listen and collaborate better.


Everyone wants to hire a “normal” person. However, normal might be a little overrated. Eccentric personality types can be great for getting the creative juices flowing on a team. Employees who aren’t afraid to be a little zany can come up with some really creative ideas; they can also help the team lighten up as a whole. Be considerate of candidates who have unconventional ideas and points of view during the hiring process. They might be the most fun person you ever hire.


For team members with grand and fantastic ideas, it’s important to have someone on the team who will be the voice of reason. It’s easy to hire a go-getter who will promise you the moon on a silver platter. But, it’s also important to hire someone who can slow down the crazy train a little bit. Conservative personality types might say “no” a lot, or attempt to bring a brainstorming session back to reality. While this can be a drag for creative types, it’s important for your business (just like budgets and deadlines). During your hiring process, keep in mind that “can’t” isn’t necessarily that kind of 4-letter word. Realism and pragmatism are important candidate traits as well.


Movers and shakers are important for your business–onward and upward and taking the bull by the horns going and getting and such… but a large part of the work in your business is going to be done by folks who are just okay with doing their jobs. Employees who are content to do their jobs, without worrying much about advancement, innovation, or revolutionizing anything, make great team members. They do their job, don’t cause any problems, and can make life easy for managers and other stakeholders. During your hiring process, don’t overlook a candidate just because s/he doesn’t seem particularly ambitious. “Nice and content” might be just what the doctor ordered.

What candidate traits do you look for during the hiring process? Comment below!

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Kristin Anderson

Kristin has a B.A. in English from the University of Iowa, with an emphasis in creative writing. In her free time she enjoys long walks, kitchen adventures, and making puns.