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5 Expert Recruiter Tips That You Might Have Forgotten

There’s always something new to learn in recruiting. From new technologies to the best way to assess a candidate’s qualifications, you can always gain more knowledge to help you succeed. But it’s important to remember your increasing expertise should never come at the expense of recruiting basics.

With more experience, it’s natural to find ways to do things faster and with more efficiency. However, when the fundamentals begin to fall through the cracks, your recruiting efforts suffer. To help you stay on top of your game, we asked recruiting experts which aspects of the job are too important to be overlooked or forgotten.

Here are five important recruiter tips we all could use a little reminder of:

1. Importance of constant communication

One of the main shortcuts I’ve experienced is not communicating as much as I should. Applicants want to know where they are in the process and leaving them with no answers is worse than delivering bad news.

Without proper communication, it can cost a recruiter more time to catch up on all the emails and follow-ups. That takes focus off the the task at hand: hiring people. Don’t take any applicant for granted. We tend to forget we are in the people business and need to be more respectful of their feelings.

Jennifer Teague

Jennifer Teague, Staffing Coach, Jen Teague, LLC

2. Each candidate is unique

A lot of seasoned recruiters start to paint their potential employees or interns with the same brush. Yes, looking over candidates and reviewing resumes every day can be tedious, however, our job is to search for diamonds in a sea of rough stones.

Reviewing every single resume that pops into my inbox is a way that I ensure our candidates are high-achieving, motivated, and interesting individuals. A failure to review a candidate’s resume can result in interviewing someone who may not have the unique qualifications required for a job.

Dave Lopes

Dave Lopes, Director of Recruiting, Badger Maps

3. Having common courtesy

I try to make good old fashioned customer service and common courtesy a priority. The candidate has taken time to speak with you or go on an interview. I never leave them hanging. If I know we aren’t moving forward with a candidate, I call them to let them know. I don’t send an email — it’s impersonal or could go to their spam folder and never be read.

I think it’s important to leave them with a good impression of the company. I’m representing my company in every interaction I have with a candidate.

Amy Keenan

Amy Keenan, Corporate Recruiter, Allied Building Products

4. The power of a phone call

One thing I forget is that I can just pick up the phone. So much is done by email that I often forget that the best way to really understand my candidate and to get a quick answer is to just pick up the phone.

A recruiter can learn 10 times more about a candidate through a call. Even when you’re just setting up an appointment or asking for something simple, you can judge their professionalism and their interest level. Also, you can establish a much stronger rapport, which is very helpful in terms of transparency and keeping the person as a strong connection.
Sandy Charet

Sandy Charet, President and Senior Recruiter, Charet & Associates

5. The human side of recruiting

The most important recruiting rule that should never be broken is that there is a person, a real person, behind that resume who has the same hopes, dreams, and blood in their veins, just as you do. If you cannot do them the justice to review their application, then you might need a break from recruiting. The humanistic element behind recruiting is the finest part of the industry and should always be valued.

If you’re a recruiter who wants to get back to basics, perhaps go and apply to a few jobs yourself. See how you are treated. Do a few phone interviews where you are on the other side and remind yourself of why you want to be a “good” recruiter in every sense of the word.

Christy Hopkins

Christy Hopkins, Human Resources Consultant, Fit Small Business

What are some other important recruiter tips many people have forgotten? Share in the comments below!

Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.