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The Most Effective Ways to Appeal to the Class of 2014

The Most Effective Ways to Appeal to the Class of 2014When you’re looking for new talent, particularly from the class of 2014, you’ll want to take a proactive approach. Employers are realizing just how valuable these team members are, as they know that they bring an unbeatable passion and enthusiasm to an organization. In order to make your company stand out to recent graduates, consider implementing these strategies:

Get social

Unlike older workers, recent graduates are becoming increasingly focused on social media when it comes time to find a job. Gone are the days of using the classifieds to find your next position. The class of 2014 is scanning LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms in search of a great opportunity. This means that your company needs to be there to greet them when they arrive. Make it easy for them to find your job postings, and provide plenty of information about your business and the perks of working there.

Understand that it’s not just about the resume

Many employers get so hung up on a person’s resume that they overlook recent graduates in favor of someone with more experience, only to regret their decision. Does experience matter? Of course. But making the perfect hiring decision means that you’ll have to go beyond the resume. You can’t teach things like passion, positivity, and a love of learning. What your new graduate lacks in experience, they may make up for in enthusiasm. Don’t disqualify someone simply because they haven’t spent 10 years suffering as a middle manager somewhere. Think about how they’ll contribute to company culture too.

Lastly, it’s important to offer proper training if you want to entice new graduates. No one wants to get thrown into a job that they’re not ready for, only to fail because they didn’t have proper training. If you want to attract the class of 2014, make sure that you have a strong training program in place. When they know that your organization is someplace they can grow and learn, their interest levels will be through the roof.

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