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Hiring for a Creativity-Focused Job

Hiring for a Creativity-Focused JobWhen you’re hiring for a creativity-focused job within your company, you’ll want to approach it much differently than you would if you were hiring for a more technical role. When you’re looking to bring someone with fresh ideas and a burst of enthusiasm into your firm, think about the following:

Write a creative job description

It’s going to be hard to land a creative type if the job description you’re offering is cut and dry. Catch the eye of a creative candidate by crafting a job description that’s not like anything else they’ll read that day. Make it fun, give it some personality, but still get the point across about what the job entails.

Put their skills to the test

It’s easy to talk a big game and charm an interviewer, but it’s an important that a creative person can also execute their vision too. In order to find the right candidate for the job, you shouldn’t feel bad about asking to see samples of this individual’s work. It’s great if they have ideas unlike anything you’ve heard before, but you want to make sure that they have the know-how to make these ideas come to life.

Hammer out the details about intellectual property

When you’re hiring for a creative job position, understand that intellectual property terms will matter, both to you and to your new employee. Before you get too far down the road, be very clear about who owns the end result of the creative process, and make sure everyone is comfortable with this. You don’t want to hire someone, have them produce great work, and then get into a messy legal battle about who has ownership over this work.

Be aware of ego

Ego can sometimes be a factor when hiring for a more creative role. Verify that this person can come up with great ideas, but will still mesh well with the other people in your office.

How do you go about hiring for creative roles in your company?

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