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The Non-Traditional Recruiting Strategies You’ll Want to Try Today

The Non-Traditional Recruiting Strategies You’ll Want to Try TodayIf you’re still just posting job openings on big sites and hoping for the best, don’t be surprised if your recruiting efforts fall flat. When you want to land top tier talent, you need to attract their attention by approaching them in an eye-catching and unique way. When your current recruiting strategy just isn’t cutting it, try some of these approaches to mix things up:

Incentivize your employees

Your current team members are your best ambassadors and most effective recruiters. When they show their passion for your company, it inspires other people to want to join the team. To get them even more excited about spreading the word, you can give them an incentive in the form of money, a restaurant gift certificate, or added vacation time. Let them know that when their recruit stays for x amount of time, they’ll enjoy one of these rewards. You’ll probably be surprised by how eager they are to find talented new staffers to join you.

Take out a billboard

Use a billboard with a few snappy sentences and a catchy image (maybe your staff having fun at a company function) to grab the attention of people who might be seeking work. Throw in your website where an interested person can find out more information and watch the applications roll in.

Make a commercial featuring your staff member

Instead of a dry “This is __ Company and we’re hiring now” mix up your approach and feature your staff members in the spot. Highlight your team, their talents, and what they love about coming to work every day. When there’s humor and energy in the commercial, you’ll catch the attention of an individual who might be seeking a new employment opportunity. Plus, your team will enjoy getting to be involved in the spot.

Have you used any unique recruiting strategies? Let us know in the comments!

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