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How to Hire for Your Growing Business

How to Hire for Your Growing BusinessAs your business continues to grow, it’ll become apparent when it’s time to bring on some extra help to take on the work necessary to keep the company thriving. However, approach the hiring process carefully in order to ensure that the first employees you bring on board are truly equipped to help your business thrive during this delicate time. The following tips can assist you when you’re ready to add members to your company’s roster:

Get a clear job description in writing

In many instances, a hire fails to work out because employee and manager have different expectations and visions about what the position should entail. To prevent any miscommunication from happening, take a moment and really hammer out the details of a job description before you start interviewing. What should this employee be doing on a daily basis? What about weekly or monthly? What should their long-term goals look like?  When this is made explicitly clear, you can hire more effectively.

Put a proper training program into place

Regardless of your new team member’s level of experience or talent, proper training is necessary in order to ensure success. By making standards and company protocol clear, you ensure that your business’s vision is executed exactly as you’d like it to be.

Don’t be afraid to move on from employees who fail to perform

When your company is small and only consists of a few staff members, it’s easy to form a close bond with these people. As a result, your views of them can become clouded and you may struggle to fully realize when an employee simply isn’t performing up to par. Make it a point to separate your personal feelings for this individual from your role as a manager in order to make business decisions in a timely manner. Review the individual’s performance regularly, and when it becomes clear that they’re not meeting requirements, part ways sooner rather than later. This prevents you from wasting money on the salary of an under performing person, and stops resentment from building.

Keep lines of communication open

When you’re hiring new team members, make sure that these people feel comfortable coming to you with questions or concerns. This stops small issues from festering and turning into larger ones, and allows you to manage more effectively.

How do you approach the hiring process for your small business? Let us know in the comments!

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