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3 Tips for Interviewing Non-Local Talent

3 Tips for Interviewing Non-Local TalentWhen searching for the right candidate to fill a key leadership position within your company, it is sometimes necessary to expand your search outside of the local area.  If you do not have experience interviewing non-local talent in the past, you may be wondering what the best process is for this type of interview.  There are 3 key steps that you should incorporate into your interview process in this situation. 

1. Phone Interviews

Of course, your first communication with a non-local candidate will more than likely be over the telephone.  However, I recommend conducting at least 2 or 3 phone interviews with the candidate in the beginning stages.

You could break these phone calls up into different discussions.  For instance, your first conversation could be a brief overview of the candidate’s experience and what is needed in the position.  The second phone call could be an overview of your company and more details regarding job requirements and expectations.  Sometimes, it is not necessary for a third call, but if in doubt, you could schedule this call in order to go further in depth regarding the candidate’s experience.

2. Video Interviews

After you have completed the phone interview and if you feel like you have the right candidate, it’s time to move on to the next step.  A video interview can be a very valuable tool when it comes to interviewing non-local talent.

When considering the interview process, you could factor in two different types of video interviews.  One option is to have the candidate respond via video to initial interview questions at the beginning of the selection process, which is referred to as a one-way video interview.  You can read about my personal experience with the one-way interview here.  This could be done prior to any phone conversations, in the initial steps of the interview process.

The second option is to conduct a live interview, where you and the candidate are conversing via video at the same time.  I definitely recommend that you incorporate a live video interview when considering non-local talent.

Having the opportunity to visually see the candidate’s responses as you converse is of benefit.  You are able to see more of the candidate’s personality and disposition this way, which can allow you to ensure you are hiring for cultural fit.  In addition, the candidate is also able to get a better feel for your personality and culture.

3. In-Person Interviews

When considering non-local candidates for a key position within your company, you must conduct an in-person interview during the final selection stages.  If you skip this step and hire the candidate, relocating them to your office, you may very well regret not spending the money to travel them in for an in-person interview.

When hiring for management level and key leadership positions within your company, it is important that you bring the candidate physically into your office.  You will want this individual to get a good feel for the environment and culture they will be working in, if accepting the job.  Being able to meet your employees face to face, sit in on daily meetings, and view how the business is run, are all important steps when it comes to the final selection stage in the interview process.

I typically recommend that you do not initiate this stage in the interview process unless you are seriously considering making an offer to the candidate.

What are some things that you do when interviewing non-local talent?   Please share your tips in the comments below.

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