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How to Make Your Company Appealing to Recent Graduates

Recent graduates can be a welcome breath of fresh air within your company, bringing new ideas and plenty of energy to your office. However, as the economy has begun to pick up once again, you’ll have to get competitive if you want to attract these newly minted professionals. Use some of these strategies in order to grab the attention of ambitious young people in your area:

Use social media

Young potential employees rely heavily on social media in order to find out about new jobs. In order to catch their eye, your business needs to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other similar sites. Instead of sticking to more traditional methods when it comes time to find a job opening, try taking out an ad on LinkedIn. Post about it on Twitter. Write about it on the company blog. This is a much more effective way of earning a second look from people who can shape the future of your company.

Don’t get too hung up on experience

It’s easy for hiring managers to zero in on a person’s experience (or lack thereof) when it comes to making a hiring decision. However, understand that what a young person lacks in experience, they can make up for in other areas. They’ll come with fresh ideas and an understanding of the latest technology, for example. Don’t immediately discredit them because they haven’t spent years in an office. In some instances this fresh perspective can actually work wonders for your business.

Go to on-campus events

If your office is situated near college campuses, one of the best ways to attract young talent is by attending recruiting events on campus. You’ll get face-to-face time with young professionals, and can highlight some of the benefits of working for your business. Many schools regularly hold recruiting events, so find out when the next one is being held and make it a point to attend.

Training programs are another excellent way to get young talent in the building. If you’re not sure that these individuals are ready for a full-time position yet, consider starting a management training program. This will teach the recent grads what they need to know in order to be successful, while keeping them interested and invested in your organization. Once the training is complete, they can become valuable members of your team.

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