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How to Optimize LinkedIn to Attract Desirable Job Candidates

Job seekers are constantly inundated with reminders to put their best foot forward on the Internet—to ensure that their social media accounts reflect their desirability as potential employees, and no social media account more than LinkedIn. There is a flipside to this, though: Companies need to ensure positive online reputations so that they can attract top-shelf talents.

Certainly, recruiters and HR managers are likely to check up on applicants on LinkedIn—but those applicants are doing likewise, checking out your company on the Web and ensuring that it’s really a place they want to work. This makes it imperative for the HR team to work with the marketing division, ensuring a positive presence on LinkedIn—one that will ultimately attract the most desirable job candidates!

Make it Clear That You’re Hiring

For starters, you need to make it clear that you are, in fact, hiring—else, you’re likely to get some would-be applicants pass you over in terms of more promising leads. The Careers tab of your LinkedIn page should list current openings, complete with specific job descriptions. (The more specific you get, the more likely you are to have truly qualified applicants.)

Encourage Employees to Connect

Much of the information on your company’s LinkedIn page actually comes from your employees; it is they who provide LinkedIn with information about the size and scope of your professional network. You can make your company look more active and prosperous by encouraging your current employees to connect on LinkedIn.

Get Employees Talking

Speaking of your current employees: There are no better ambassadors for your brand than current, satisfied workers. Recruit some of them to tell your company’s story, and to show what a great place to work it can be. Film a couple of testimonials from current employees, and embed them on your company LinkedIn page.

Showcase Company Culture

Many company LinkedIn pages focus on what the business can offer customers and clients—but why not also emphasize what your company can offer to its employees, particularly in terms of employee culture? Make it clear that your company is a good place to work, and that you value people, not just profits. Show off ‘Best Place to Work’ honors on your LinkedIn profile; also include links to any charitable or philanthropic partnerships your business maintains.

Post Content

A final tip: Remember that employees would generally prefer to be associated with a really successful and forward-thinking company; top-shelf talents, in particular, only want to work with a company that’s at the forefront of its industry. This makes routine content marketing not just great for lead generation, but also for recruiting. If you’re regularly displaying your thought leadership by posting helpful blog entries or industry news, you’re proving that your company will provide real professional fulfillment.

A robust presence on LinkedIn is a vital tool for companies as they seek to recruit, and as they hope to entice the best talents in their industry.

About the Author: Josh Hurst is the Content Marketing Strategist for Grammar Chic, Inc., a professional writing and marketing company based in Charlotte, NC. Grammar Chic offers both resume services for job seekers and content marketing services for businesses and brands.

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