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How to Find Top Leaders for Your Company

To grow a business and ensure it’s around for the long term there are many considerations, such as the products or services sold, customer service levels, marketing, sales, operations processes, and more. However, one of the most important elements is always who is actually leading the business and its various departments.

Regardless of the size of your business, you need to find the best leaders possible to move your company forward. When selecting these people, there are certain traits and skills that indicate someone is likely to be a good fit for the role. Read on for some of the top traits you need to search for.

Look for People Who Are Curious and Open to Learning

How to Find Top Leaders for Your Company 1Leaders need to be open to new ideas and opportunities and willing to listen to the opinions of their team and others. Take a look at interviews with some of the world’s most respected leaders, and you’ll notice how they talk about how much they push themselves to grow and develop and how they’re always learning new things. This is a prime example of a growth mindset and something you need to have in leaders at your company.

When selecting leaders, search for people who can demonstrate a willingness to learn. They might, for example, have higher education in the field, such as an MBA for those in CEO and other business positions or a Master’s in Education Administration for principals of schools or deans at universities and other school administrators.
In addition, people with growth mindsets generally talk about things they have learned from attending industry events, being mentored, reading books, blogs, newsletters, forums, magazines etc., listening to podcasts, being a part of business associations and clubs and so on.


Evaluate Candidates’ Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Leaders must be able to “play well with others” and get along with people of all ages and backgrounds. They should have high emotional intelligence and be able to network well, negotiate effectively, and keep their cool under challenging circumstances.

Top leaders are also excellent communicators. If those in charge of teams, departments, or whole businesses cannot get across their vision and goals to staff members, the desired results will never be achieved. Leaders must also be able to convey their confidence, energy and passion through their words, tone, and body language to keep teams inspired, motivated and productive.

How to Find Top Leaders for Your Company 2They should be adept at encouraging collaboration in the workplace, make people feel comfortable enough to suggest new ideas and strategies, and share concerns when needed. Good leaders make all employees feel valued and included in the larger picture of your organization. They have the capacity to deal with conflict quickly and effectively.

When comparing candidates for leadership positions, look for people who can communicate well one-on-one and in group settings. They should be personable in their interactions, present themselves professionally, perform and read body language well, listen attentively without interrupting, and speak honestly with tact. Born leaders can build relationships with all types of people and have their honed skills in written communication.



Ensure People Are a Good Fit for the Company Culture

A candidate might have the best education and lots of experience in an industry, but if they don’t have similar beliefs and values as the rest of the team, things will not go smoothly. It’s more likely there will be disagreements and dissonance between staff members, and a lack of morale and productivity as a result.

You, therefore, need to find a leader who will mesh well with others straightaway, and who has similar morals. Different firms may have different characteristics that are important to them when hiring, but whatever those may be, be on the lookout for them in candidates. It pays to have a few staff members sit in on interviews to get feedback on who seems most likely to fit in well.

Also, try to avoid hiring anyone who is negative. A telltale sign is if someone complains often, sees the worst in a situation or has a victim mentality. If you end up with a glass-is-half-empty person at the helm, morale will drop significantly and productivity with it. Thus, you’re more likely to have employees start quitting as no one wants to be around negativity all day long. Consider this when you conduct interviews and you’ll be on track to find the right leader.

Choosing the people you put at the helm of your departments and organization as a whole make an impact in many ways, so decisions must be made wisely. Follow the above tips and you will ensure you end up with the best possible people moving your company forward now and into the future.


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