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Time Management Tips for Busy Hiring Professionals

4 Time Management Tips for Busy Hiring Professionals

Hiring professionals are well aware of the importance of keeping the interview process moving along. One way to do this is by practicing proper time management consistently throughout the workday.

A hiring manager who focuses on using their time effectively is able to oversee a hiring process that is airtight, while directing their attention to the key parts of the talent acquisition process.

Here are four time management best practices for hiring managers:

Use a scheduling tool

Sending emails back and forth to schedule interviews may not seem time-consuming. The amount of time invested adds up when you’re stuck in a never-ending email chain with multiple candidates.

Fortunately, an interview scheduling tool can eliminate the need for this constant back and forth. The software makes it easy to figure out the details like when and where you’ll meet with candidates. This eliminates the need for apologies due to any delays in response.

This way, you’re able to take the focus off replying to emails in a prompt fashion. Instead, you can shift your attention to the more crucial parts of the hiring process, such as whether an individual would be an appropriate long-term fit at your business.

Many hiring managers aren’t initially aware that such a piece of software exists. However, once they incorporate it into their hiring process, they begin to wonder how they expanded their team without it.

Make use of video interview technology

In the past, those tasked with talent acquisition had to bring in each and every candidate they were considering for a face-to-face conversation.This limited them to the talent pool in the surrounding area because of budget constraints, and also it made a drawn-out hiring process.

Fortunately, video interviewing technology has made hiring easier and more cost-effective. Now, a hiring professional can have applicants record a video response to prompts, which the manager can then watch at their convenience. This may be on a lunch break, while in line to grab a coffee, or even in the waiting room at the dentist’s office.

When they get another free chunk of time, they can return and watch the other applicants’ responses. It’s no longer necessary to have hours of free time in order to continue moving forward with the hiring process.

Upon completion, they can opt to bring the most appropriate candidates in for an in-person conversation.

Don’t be afraid to delegate

While a hiring professional needs to be invested in the process from start to finish, it’s important not to forget to delegate when appropriate. You don’t want to become so far removed from the process that you can’t accurately assess a candidate.

This is a great opportunity to rely on your team for assistance.

Dividing up tasks and assigning them to other members on the team allows the hiring process to keep moving. What’s more, it enables the manager to focus their attention on only the most essential parts of the process.

Asking for help is a smart way to prevent your divided time and attention from grinding your interview process to a halt.

Build a portfolio of potential talent

While you want to be open to new talent each time you have a job opening, continuously starting from scratch makes the process even more time-consuming. You have to completely vet all of the candidates you see.

Instead, store them for a later use if you receive strong resumes that may not be the right fit at that moment. This way, if a position that better suites the candidate becomes available, you can easily contact them and encourage them to apply.

This eliminates the need to start from square one every time you have to hire.

Using time management tools and strategies enables hiring managers to keep the interview process moving at an appropriate pace. Professionals are better-suited to devote their limited energy to the most essential parts of the process when they spend their time more effectively.

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