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What Every Hiring Manager Must Know

What Every Hiring Manager Must KnowHiring managers play an essential role within a company, ensuring that the office is filled with motivated and talented individuals who bring their best to the office each day. If you’re working as a hiring manager, there are several points to bear in mind as you do your job. They include:

  • You must know what questions you can and can’t ask during an interview: Yes, there are interview questions that are illegal to ask, even if they may seem inocuous. For example, asking about someone’s marital status? Illegal. Asking about someone’s age? Also illegal. You may think you’re just making small talk, but addressing these subjects can actually put your business in legal danger. Know what is and is not acceptable during an interview.
  • Feedback is essential: In order to help employees do their jobs most effectively, regular feedback is necessary. If there are areas in which a team member is lacking, make them aware of this. Don’t forget to give positive reinforcement every so often too. Assuming that someone will improve on their own is unfair, and can cause tension within the office.
  • Don’t slack on the paperwork: As a hiring manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your employees are properly documented. Whether you’re dealing with hiring, firing, or giving out raises, everything you do within the business should be supported by the proper paperwork. Taking a relaxed approach to running a business can result in major problems, so make sure that you’re thorough and diligent at all times.
  • Realize that you represent your organization: A company’s HR department is highly representative of the business as a whole. Therefore, it’s important that you act accordingly. Though you may have had an unpleasant day at work, ranting on social media isn’t the way to go. Always assume that other employees, competitors, and potential new hires are reading your words. Would they be shocked by what you said? If so, it’s best to keep it to yourself.

Lastly, realize that the HR department is a highly important function of a business. Employees come to you during their most vulnerable moments. Make them feel comfortable as they discuss concerns. Knowing that they can be honest and open with you is a big part of employee satisfaction.

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