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3 Steps to Creating a Management Review Process

3 Steps to Creating a Management Review ProcessEmployee reviews are typically a standard and expected procedure in most companies, but what about management reviews?  Giving your employees the opportunity to review their managers can be a positive process, if handled properly.  There are 3 steps to take in order to initiate a positive management review process.

1. Set Expectations

Before you implement management reviews, it’s important that you meet with management and employees in order to set expectations.

Explain to your management team and employees the implementation plan.  Let them know that this is to be a positive and helpful process that will allow each manager to learn and expand on their weakness while understanding their strengths.

Ensure that your management team understands the purpose of this implementation and that they are prepared to receive the feedback with a positive attitude.

Without setting expectations and having this discussion with both management and employees, you may very well implement a process that will harbor negative and bitter feelings amongst your team.

2. Make it Confidential

Many employees will be concerned that their manager will know of their specific feedback.  This can limit the feedback that your management team receives.

Make sure that your process is set up for confidentiality.  Create a review that is able to be completed by each employee, but is in no way associated with their name when submitted. When your employees are comfortable with the confidentiality of the review, they will be more honest in their feedback.

3. Implement changes

The most important part of your management review process is what you actually do with the feedback.

Once the reviews have been completed and reviewed, I recommend that you meet with each manager individually to discuss.  Talk about what the manager has learned from the reviews.  Discuss the positive takeaways from the reviews and what the manager can do in order to do a better job.

For example, perhaps the manager received good reviews when it comes to training employees, but when it came down to holding employees accountable the manager received low rankings.  In that case, the positive take away would be to understand that training is a strength, but the manager could use some coaching and guidance in order to improve at holding employees accountable.

Discuss what you and each manager can each do to implement changes based off the reviews.  Schedule follow up meetings with each manager in order to check the status of the implementation plan and any help or guidance needed.

When your employees and managers notice that you only implement this process, but that you also follow through and work with them to implement changes, you will find that your management review process will be very beneficial to your company’s success.

What are some things you would add to this implementation plan?  Please leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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