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Attracting Top Talent Is Easier Than You Think

While 5.2 million people were hired by the start of June, 9.2 million positions in the US currently sit open. This number has stayed unchanged according to the BLS.

The competition for any talent, let alone the top, is fierce. 

To attract top talent into your candidate pipeline, you can simply use video interviews to show them your process is one they want to embark on. Here’s how:

In job descriptions & on career pages

Share the love! 

You know the convenience of less scheduling hassles and internally sharing candidates quickly to collaborate on if they will move through the process — so share your love of video from your candidates first glance at your open roles to attract top talent!

With so many jobs to consider, and the average length of the hiring process in the US being 23 days, it’s important to keep the process transparent from the start. Let your candidates know how your hiring process will work, how long it’ll take, and what to expect along the way. To make your job description and career page even more attractive,  tell candidates why your video process is going to give them a chance to:

  • Quickly connect: This is where you can promote how one-way interviews and live interviews are utilized. What step of the process is this on? What’s the time commitment they need to be prepared for?  

You want to keep it clear and concise to not add an essay to your descriptions/career page. Instead, let them know “here’s the process”’ and emphasize exactly how they’ll be able to connect with you/their hiring manager early in the process through video. 

  • Waste less time: You love how quick and efficient it is to schedule interviews, and your candidates will too! Make your scheduling link easily accessible (or at least make candidates aware of the capability) from the first first encounter with your job description. This lets your candidates see how they too have control and can take the pressure off of forcing interviews into their busy schedules. 

Quick tip: Your candidates don’t have a reason not to take your word on the benefits of video, but when someone else tells them… it’s even more valued! 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. (BrightLocal, 2020 Local Consumer Review Survey)

Talk to your new hires and have them share a review of the video interviewing process. On your career page, feature this review as a pop-out and consider putting into your social media promotion of your job descriptions. While you can shout from the rooftop all day long, these new hires can go a long way to attract top talent! 

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In the candidate process 

Be a real person, right away.  

Video interviews are allowing you to get connected with candidates even faster. They’re not sent into a lost funnel of impersonal contact. 

In the candidate process, use video messaging from the start! With video messaging you can introduce yourself, the hiring manager, even a potential colleague, making the process much more holistic for the candidate. When you send a video message to candidates, customize it! Personalizing the video to them in your ‘hello’ and providing insight into who you are can form a connection before you’ve even fully connected. 

It’s also important to show how personable and professional your company is. Your career page should use video to highlight the great culture you’ve created. Then, in all communication with candidates, share how the one-way and live video interviews are with a real person that values the dialogue and wants to help them find the right fit in their career with your company. 

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Quick tip: Consider adding a video bank of frequently asked questions via video to the first stages of your candidate communication. While you’re well versed and bought into the value of video, and it’s more familiar to candidates now, there still can be uncertainties. You can ease any concerns by highlighting how video interviewing is helping your company breakdown geographic and diversity barriers that solely in-person interviews wouldn’t allow you to do. 

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Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.