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Recruiting Top Talent Is Easy With These 6 Tools

Some hiring pros have succeeded in their mission to shorten the hiring process. In fact, 45% of job seekers reported in an Addison Group survey that the shortest time they’ve experienced between submitting an application and landing a job was less than a week.

On the surface, this is an incredible accomplishment. One those tasked with recruiting top talent during high-growth periods strive to achieve. However, the time to hire doesn’t tell us much in regards to the quality of hire, internal collaboration capabilities, and overall candidate experience. And, a fast approach is pointless if it leads to ill-fitting hires and poor retention during a time when a company needs the most dedicated talent. 

As a result, recruiting top talent requires your team to use only the most effective tools. Those that work seamlessly to shorten your hiring process, increase the quality of talent, and improve your ability to quickly and accurately assess talent. 

We’ve gathered the six recruitment software tools to take you through the process of recruiting top talent during periods of high growth: 

1. Comeet

Pricing: Comeet offers three packages, Advanced, Ultimate, and Enterprise. Pricing for each varies based on your needs. 

Current customers call Comeet their hiring teams’ “central nervous systems.” All in one location, you’ll improve your career page to attract candidates, improve your referral program, manage job board postings, and collaborate with external agencies when needed. 

The software facilitates rapid growth hiring by allowing each of these processes to collaborate with one another. As your team works on job board postings, they can also manage and improve referral programs to bring in top talent from all sides of the spectrum. 

2. HRBoss

Pricing: Individual pricing plans can be discussed with the HRBoss team at

In-house recruitment processes are rarely straightforward. Just moving from the requisition stage to actually recruiting top talent is often confusing and time-consuming. 

HRBoss streamlines the paper trail so nothing gets lost in the shuffle. You move straight through the job preparation process to quick and easy email-based approvals. 

Additionally, you pre-set who is in charge of each step and who gets notified when their stage of the process is ready. With reminders and notifications, your entire team knows the requisition approval status and can keep each step moving forward. 

3. JobScore

Pricing: JobScore offers a Start ($99/month), Scale ($299/month), and Enterprise (as quoted) package based on your unique needs. 

The platform allows you to create the perfect application for every job. Quickly add new questions with pre-set options from previous applications or add new question sets as needed. You also have the power to make a response optional, required, or hidden based on the open role.

You can reuse applications to make the process quick for your in-house team and easy for candidates to apply. To build your talent pipeline, JobScore has the option for candidates to express interest by filling out a form with their name and contact information. Or you can build utilize their longer forms which allow you to zero in on the best fitting candidates. 

4. Agorapulse

Pricing: Agorapulse offers a free employee advocacy social media tool. 

Social media strategies aren’t just for marketing professionals. As you know, social media is key to quickly recruiting top talent. 

Agorapulse is an all-inclusive social media management tool that streamlines employee advocacy efforts. You’ll engage in one-on-one conversations with potential candidates and listen- in on important social conversations to know what’s important to your target audience. 

While you’re focused on nurturing relationships, Agorapulse takes care of administrative tasks, such as publishing scheduled content and tracking metrics to keep your team informed on strategy performance. 

5. Talent App Store

Pricing: Downloading Talent App Store is free. Once you’re signed up, you can explore the app store and decide which you’d like to purchase or trial.

All of the hiring platforms listed here, and many more, are valuable to rapid growth hiring. But if you’re not using it in an organized and collaborative manner, the value of it decreases as you try to make fast, yet informed decisions. 

Talent App Store connects and organizes all of your HR microservices. The platform allows you to share data between apps to supercharge your data-focused recruitment and hiring efforts.  

6. Spark Hire

Pricing: At Spark Hire, our monthly packages include Starter ($119/month), Pro ($249/month), Team (quote basis), and Enterprise (quote basis). 

Expediting the hiring process isn’t easy. With the tools so far, you have the power to pull top talent into your pipeline. Once they’re there, our video interview platform provides your team with meaningful insights into candidates early in the screening process. As a result, you’re spending time with only the best-fitting talent during in-person interviews. 

Our one-way video interviews, for example, give candidates a standardized interview experience. They record the interview on their own time and answer pre-determined questions to help you assess their skills, personality, and fit for the company and role. 

Once candidate videos enter your inbox, your entire team can evaluate on their own time, while still meeting tight decision deadlines. 

Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.