3 Steps to Recruiting Veterans with Social Media

Social media is a powerful recruitment tool. In fact, more than 70 percent of hiring professionals are increasing their investment into social recruiting. Social media platforms offer an ideal way to showcase your brand and find quality applicants. Recruiting via social networks can also help increase employee referrals and reduce time to hire. When it […]

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How to Spot the Rotten Eggs During the Hiring Process

Bad hires are destructive for companies in many ways. They can lead to turnover, tension within the office, and loss of profit. However spotting a bad hire before you extend a job offer is often easier said than done. It’s not as if a problematic potential employee will walk into an interview wearing a sign […]

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3 Hiring Concerns and How to Embrace Them

It’s a well known fact that hiring can be stressful.  As a hiring manager, you are held responsible for not only finding the best talent but also attracting talent to your job openings, and then making the right hiring decision. There are 3 key concerns that all hiring managers have and there are ways for you […]

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How to Improve Team Collaboration in Your Workplace to Cut Down on Turnover

Many managers don’t fully understand the importance of creating a sense of community within the office. When your employees feel connected to one another, they’re more likely to work harder and stay with the company for longer. In an office environment where everyone only looks out for their own best interest, it’s easy to begin […]

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7 Awkward Interview Moments and How to Avoid Them

You think you’re ready to interview job candidates, but then things get awkward. You can’t get a conversation started, you don’t know how to answer certain questions, or the things you say come out wrong. Now neither you nor the candidate knows how to act. You both walk away from the interview feeling embarrassed, and […]

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