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How Fast is Your Company Website? #Infographic

candidate experienceJust yesterday we touched on what the candidate experience is and why it should matter to you and your company. Presenting a poor candidate experience can really hurt your company and the kind of talent it recruits. Having a great candidate experience can increase your talent pool and make your company’s overall reputation much more positive. The candidate experience starts right from when a candidate starts their job search with your company all the way to their training once you offer the job. Clearly your company website is part of that candidate experience and if you have a poor company website then you’re candidate are probably getting a poor candidate experience as well.

Why? Because slow or poor websites actually stress people out! Take a look at the infographic below from and Strange Loop and see how a brain reacts to a slow or poorly designed website.

Taking a look at the statistics on the infographic, you can see that 57 percent of online consumers will abandon a slow webpage after three seconds. Phew! That’s a very short amount of time when you think of three seconds, but how many times have you clicked on a link and waited too long for it’s overly crowded site to load? If you’re like most people, well literally more than half, you’ll ditch the site and move on to something bigger and better- or faster. Furthermore, we have to concentrate 50 percent harder when using a slow website.

It seems a bit petty to say that a slow website just can’t make it in today’s online world but clearly, as the infographic shows, it’s true. If 78 percent of users feel stress or anger when navigating a slow site, then you need to be sure that your company website is up-to-par. Not doing so may result in top candidates and top job seekers ditching your company right from the beginning due to a poor candidate experience. Ouch. Think of how much talent you are missing out on if your company website is slow. So take a look at the infographic and be sure your company website is up-to-par and far from slow.

This Is Your Brain on a Slow Website


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