7 Awkward Interview Moments and How to Avoid Them

You think you’re ready to interview job candidates, but then things get awkward. You can’t get a conversation started, you don’t know how to answer certain questions, or the things you say come out wrong. Now neither you nor the candidate knows how to act. You both walk away from the interview feeling embarrassed, and […]

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Why it’s Important to be Upfront About the Salary Range

As a small business, it can be tempting to fall into the habit of not disclosing the salary range on your job postings or initial conversations with candidates. Many companies justify this by saying that they are flexible if the right candidate comes along, or all candidates will expect the top end of the salary […]

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How to Motivate Your Team During Holidays

The holiday season is filled with parties, family, and fun. However it can pose a challenge for business owners, as employees request time off and may spend their days at work distracted by holiday plans. You’ll need to take a proactive approach in order to prevent the holiday season from derailing your productivity. Here are […]

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4 Things to do When you Disagree With a Team Member on Hiring a Candidate

Interviewing and making hiring decisions can be challenging in your small business, especially when you and your colleagues do not always see eye-to-eye. If you have a candidate you believe is the right fit for your company, but your team member disagrees, there are several things to do in order to ensure the right decision […]

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Should Recruiters Send Cold Emails to Passive Candidates?

Reaching out to passive candidates is a delicate process. Sending cold emails to these individuals can be extremely hit or miss. A poorly worded message can be off-putting and land your correspondence permanently in the trash folder. On the other hand, with the right approach, you may end up piquing the interest of someone who […]

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