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Streamlining Your Hiring Process: Spark Hire + Workday Integration

Streamlining Your Hiring Process: Spark Hire + Workday Integration

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting integration that aims to revolutionize your hiring process! Spark Hire is now seamlessly integrated with Workday, a trusted Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This integration is designed to simplify and enhance the process of inviting candidates to one-way video interviews and effortlessly retrieve completed interviews, providing a unified experience for our valued users.

Spark Hire + Workday Integration Overview

The primary objective of this integration is to streamline the workflow for Spark Hire users who utilize Workday as their ATS. By seamlessly connecting the two platforms, we aim to improve efficiency and create a cohesive user experience for Spark Hire/Workday customers.

The integration introduces two key capabilities for Workday ATS users:

  1. Instantly Create Spark Hire Interviews: Within the Workday interface, users can now effortlessly invite candidates to one-way video interviews on Spark Hire by simply changing the Application Stage to the designated Spark Hire stage.
  2. Integration with Candidate Records: Once interviews are completed on Spark Hire, the links are automatically added to the candidate’s profile in Workday under the Websites section. This ensures that all relevant information is consolidated within the Workday platform.

Spark Hire One-Way Video Interviews in Workday

Streamlined Process: Users can seamlessly invite candidates to one-way video interviews directly from the Workday interface by adjusting the Application Stage.

Bulk Invitations: View a list of candidates for a specific job in Workday and move them collectively to the designated Spark Hire stage, triggering the interview process efficiently.

Watch the Process: Get an insider look at the integration in action.


We are excited about the possibilities the Spark Hire + Workday Integration brings and believe it will significantly elevate your hiring process. To get started, reach out to your account representative or the support team for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about One-Way Video Interviews within an Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

Q1: What is a one-way video interview?

A1: A one-way video interview is a pre-recorded interview where candidates respond to a set of predetermined questions through video. It allows recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidates’ skills, personality, and communication abilities at their convenience.

Q2: How does the integration of one-way video interviews with an ATS benefit the hiring process?

A2: Integrating one-way video interviews with an ATS streamlines the hiring process by allowing recruiters and hiring stakeholders to seamlessly review and assess candidate responses within the same platform where they manage other aspects of the recruitment process. It improves efficiency and accuracy, and provides a centralized location for candidate evaluation, reducing time to hire.

Q3: Can candidates complete one-way video interviews at their convenience?

A3: Yes, one-way video interviews offer flexibility to candidates. They can complete the interview at a time that suits them best, eliminating scheduling conflicts and accommodating candidates from different time zones.

Q4: How are one-way video interviews initiated within an ATS?

A4: Recruiters and hiring managers can initiate one-way video interviews within an ATS by selecting candidates for the process and specifying the relevant stage or step in the recruitment workflow. This triggers an invitation to the candidates to complete the video interview.

Q5: Can one-way video interviews be customized for different job roles?

A5: Absolutely. Recruiters and hiring managers can customize one-way video interviews by creating specific sets of questions tailored to each job role. This ensures that the evaluation process is relevant and aligned with the skills and competencies required for the position.

Q6: Are there any best practices for using one-way video interviews in an ATS?

A6: Best practices include clearly communicating the purpose of the video interview to candidates, providing clear instructions, and testing the technology in advance. Additionally, ensure that the questions are relevant to the job and allow candidates enough time to prepare and respond.

Q7: Can one-way video interviews be reviewed collaboratively within an ATS?

A7: Yes, most ATS platforms allow collaborative reviewing of one-way video interviews. Combined with Spark Hire’s comprehensive talent assessment platform, hiring teams can share feedback, rate responses, and make informed decisions collectively, enhancing the collaborative aspect of the recruitment process.

Q8: Are live interviews still necessary after implementing one-way video interviews?

A8: One-way video interviews serve as an initial screening tool. While they provide valuable insights, live interviews (video and in-person) may still be necessary for more in-depth assessments, cultural fit, and interaction with the candidate.

Q9: What happens if a candidate faces technical issues during a one-way video interview?

A9: It’s recommended to have a contingency plan in place. Provide clear instructions for technical requirements, offer support resources, and have a designated contact for candidates to reach out in case of technical difficulties. Spark Hire offers support to navigate technical issues with one-way video interviews.

Q10: How does the integration handle candidate privacy and data security?

A10: Integrations with ATS systems prioritize candidate privacy and data security. Our team ensures that integrated ATS and our talent assessment platform comply with relevant data protection regulations, and communicate transparently about the handling of confidential information.

Remember, the successful implementation of one-way video interviews within an ATS depends on effective communication, clear guidelines, and utilizing the features available in the chosen platform.

Spark Hire + Workday Integration

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