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Creating A Top-Notch Training Program for Your Startup Company

Creating A Top-Notch Training Program for Your Startup CompanyIt’s difficult knowing where to begin when creating training programs for your startup company.  Once you have your key staff in place, a training program is important to think about when hiring additional employees. 

First things first

When creating your training program, you should first be sure to train any new employee on your company.  Paint a picture of your company’s history and where you started.  Knowing how the company began can be exciting for many employees.

Also, explain your companies values, goals, and purpose.  Make sure that all of your employees know what your company stands for and your key goals.  This can make all of the difference in employee morale on your team.

The Training Plan

As business Bee mentions, some companies decide to hire a business to put together their training plan and materials.  However, the cost can be quite high and these training plans can lack personalization.

Instead, take a look at your key staff and department managers.  Who has the knowledge and experience that is needed to put together training plans for specific departments?  Sometimes your department managers or team leads can put together the best training programs for their departments.  They understand the department positions and what it takes to be successful.

Once you have identified the right people to help create your training programs, make sure they understand their responsibility and the importance of what they are doing.  The plan and materials they create will be key to your business.

The Materials

As with any training program, you will want to make sure you have supporting documents and examples for new hires.  It is best to have these items pulled together into a training manual that you will provide to each new employee.  Each manual will need to be segmented into different courses for training, in order to ensure quick and easy reference as well as simple organization.

The Schedule

When creating a training program, as referenced by business Bee, ensure that there are breaks built into the training.  Of course, you want to have your new employees trained and working as quickly as possible.  However, you do not want to overwhelm them with too much information all at once.  Training scheduling is very important.  Make sure that there is plenty of time to allow for the training to be introduced, reviewed, and retained.


It is key to revisit your training program each year.  Making sure that your training is fresh and up to date is important if you want to train your new hires correctly.  Things change all the time, especially in a startup.  Be sure that someone in each department is reviewing and revising the department training program every year in order to eliminate dated references or materials.

What are some key items you take into consideration when creating or revising your training programs?  Please share your tips and recommendations below.  

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