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Exciting News - Spark Hire Acquires Chally to Create an Industry-leading Talent Assessment Platform

Exciting News – Spark Hire Acquires Chally to Create an Industry-leading Talent Assessment Platform

Spark Hire is thrilled to announce our acquisition of Chally – a pioneer in predictive assessments for successful candidate evaluation. This acquisition will allow our team at Spark Hire to extend our powerful suite of talent acquisition tools to thousands of companies around the world while driving our current customers’ hiring success to new heights. 

Why we’re excited

Chally uses a specialized combination of science and technology to offer companies an insightful glimpse into potential hires quickly and accurately.

Chally has been providing invaluable assistance to hundreds of organizations, including many in the Fortune 500, for decades by helping optimize their organizational effectiveness and hire high-caliber leaders and talented employees. 

The assessment reports provide comprehensive insight into each candidate’s capabilities, areas of opportunity, demeanor, work ethic, and other key characteristics.

Its proprietary tools offer valuable insights into the performance of people, teams, and organizations – giving organizations greater control in aligning their people with their goals. With a proven track record of delivering tangible results to its clients’ investments in human capital, Chally is a trusted partner for organizations seeking to optimize their growth potential.

The acquisition of Chally is a major milestone for Spark Hire. It will help us expand our suite of innovative and trusted candidate assessment tools, and deepen our commitment to providing the best and most effective interviewing experience in the industry,” shared Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire.

What this acquisition offers

Spark Hire’s video interviewing solution, combined with Chally’s predictive assessment offerings, provides your hiring team with a comprehensive talent assessment platform. This streamlined approach empowers you to identify and interact with top candidates faster than the competition.

Sue Pearson of Chally commented, “We are thrilled about joining forces with Spark Hire. By bringing together our respective strengths and expertise, we have created a product offering that is more comprehensive and powerful than ever before.

With Spark Hire’s recent acquisition of leading ATS Comeet, the acquisition of Chally marks a new era for providing Spark Hire customers with a combined platform that is well-equipped to exceed the needs of today’s job market.

Quick notes for Spark Hire customers

  • Spark Hire’s platform will continue to operate as usual. No action is required.
  • Spark Hire will continue to invest in developing the platform, with new features, products, and improvements for our customers in the near future.
  • You’ll still work with the same great Spark Hire team. You can expect to see the same level of service and dedication you’ve always experienced with us.
  • We’re fully committed to the continued support of our existing partnerships/integrations with applicant tracking systems.

For additional information, check out our FAQ below.

Frequently asked questions

What’s happening at Spark Hire?

For us to drive an even larger hiring advantage for our customers, we saw an opportunity to expand the scope of our offerings and where we sit in the hiring process.

Historically, Spark Hire has been known for its #1-rated video interviewing solution.

The acquisition of Chally along with upcoming launches such as automated reference check transforms the video interviewing solution into a comprehensive Talent Assessment Platform that helps our customers make better and faster decisions in the hiring process.

In addition, Spark Hire acquired Comeet, an applicant tracking system, in June 2023.

Spark Hire’s Talent Assessment Platform (Video Interviews, Assessments, Reference Checks) will integrate with its Hiring Platform (ATS with a CRM on the way). The combination of these platforms makes up Spark Hire’s Talent Acquisition Suite.

Ultimately, this is a major milestone for Spark Hire and another example of our continued commitment to serving our customers.

How will this impact my existing Spark Hire account?

There will be no changes to your existing Spark Hire account, current contract, or support level as a result of the acquisition.

How does this acquisition benefit me as a Spark Hire customer?

Chally’s assessment solution will become native to the Spark Hire platform meaning we will be incorporating all of the functionality rather than you bouncing between two systems. The exact timeline is to be determined.

As a Spark Hire customer, this means you’ll be able to perform video interviews, assessments, and reference checks from a single place!

How do I learn more about Chally?

While we still have some work to do to bake Chally’s assessment solution into the Spark Hire platform, we’d love to share how our new offering can benefit your hiring process.

Please contact us here or let your Spark Hire Customer Success Manager know about your interest in Chally and we’ll connect you with the appropriate member of our team.

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