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Introducing the New Spark Hire Customer Referral Program

We’re excited to announce Spark Hire’s new customer referral program. Spark Hire now allows customers to generate unique links in-app that can easily be sent out to network contacts or posted on social media. 

Refer a Friend Spark Hire Dashboard

How does it work?

When someone clicks on your unique link and signs up to use Spark Hire, you receive 15% of the first year’s revenue. 😯 It’s true!

For example, if someone signs up for an annual Growth plan from your link at the list price of $399/mo, you (not your company…YOU!) will receive $718.20.

Just visit the Refer a Friend section in the Spark Hire app, generate your unique link with one click, and put it out there! Share it in a social post, email it to your contacts, or even text it to a friend.

How do I get paid?

It’s important to note that this is not money the referring company will make, it is the referring individual!

The best part is that our customers have multiple options as to how they receive their funds. Among these options are popular payment services such as Venmo, Paypal, and others. That means you’ll be able to get paid quickly and easily without having to wait weeks for checks to arrive in the mail.

And why wouldn’t you want to save your professional network connections time and money in the hiring process?

Spreading the benefit of a faster hiring process

While the immediate benefit of making qualified referrals is cold, hard, cash in your pocket, spreading information about tools and technology that improves speed and quality of hire has a major impact across the HR and recruiting industry.

Candidate expectations of the hiring experience continue to rise. And research shows due to the apply-anyways candidate culture encouraging talent to apply to open positions regardless of objective qualifications, time to hire is inching higher. 

You can play a major part in improving quality of hire while reducing hiring time across your professional network, making a meaningful impact on candidate experience and hiring outcomes far and wide. Recommending effective hiring tools and technology gives you an opportunity to show support for your professional connections, which can lead to increased loyalty within your network.

So don’t wait! Start taking advantage of this great opportunity to earn extra money with every successful referral. 

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