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4 Reasons Why They Won’t Take Your Job Offer

If you have had to hire a new employee before then you know that the hiring process is a tedious, time-consuming process. You have to weed out the bad candidates, contact the good ones, weed out the not-so-great ones again and make offers. On average, it takes about 42 days to hire a new employee when you hire the traditional way. Thankfully, when you integrate one way video interviews and online video interviews into the process you can hire much faster. What if you do all of this though and the candidates just aren’t taking the bait? In other words, they are rejecting your job offers left and right.

It may be them, but it also may be you. Even though the job market is still in the gutter, it’s picking up slowly and job seekers aren’t as quick to accept a job offer as they may have been before. Here are four reasons why job seekers may be refusing your job offer.

The Position
You may think this position is awesome and offers great experience to those that are lucky enough to snag it, but look at it more carefully. What would someone in this position be doing day in and day out? Would you want to do this job? If the job doesn’t offer the employee a chance to learn, grow or use their skills in some way then it’s likely that no one is going to want this position.

It may also be the way you are presenting the position in a job description or in the interview. Are the guidelines and responsibilities of this position clear? Do your job candidates have a clear understanding of what this job entails. Make sure you are being clear about what the employee in this position will be doing. Vague or fuzzy details of the position won’t get you anywhere with job seekers. They want to know what they will be doing on a daily basis and you can’t really blame them for that. Make sure you are being clear on what this position does and that candidates understand what their role would be.

Your Strategy
How are you offering this position to candidates? Are you emailing them or are you calling them. If you are offering a job to a candidate over email then it’s time for you to change your strategy. Emailing someone is very impersonal. The candidate can’t hear your enthusiasm and excitement, and it’s just kind of sterile. If you truly want this candidate to work for you, then take the time out of your day to call them directly and offer them the position. Starting your working relationship off with an email isn’t the way to go.

You Took Too Long
Yes, it’s very difficult to decide which candidate is best for the position- that’s a given. However, if you leave a candidate waiting for weeks they will likely think that you found someone else and they will move on. If they are looking for a job then chances are they have had other interviews as well. If they were the best for your position, then they may be the best candidate for someone else as well. If you know that this is the candidate you want to have on your team, then move fast. If you know this is that candidate for you then offer them the position the day of their last interview. Deciding between two candidates? Take a day after the last interviews to decide. Don’t wait much longer.

This not only benefits you- since you are jumping on this talent fast- but it also boosts their confidence. Interviews can be nerve wrecking and waiting for that call for weeks can drive a candidate nuts. Move fast and snag that stellar candidate before someone else does.

Are you offering fair compensation for this position? If your offer is lower than the average for the position, then candidates are going to turn you down. And why not? If they can receive better pay for doing the same job elsewhere, then why take your position at a lower pay? Make sure you are offering a competitive salary and one that is on par with the average.

One last reason may be the image you are putting out. If you are late for the interview or leave the candidate waiting for too long then they may think that you don’t care for their time and are inconsiderate. Who wants to work for an inconsiderate person? Not many people. If time is an issue for you, then you should consider hiring on Spark Hire. That way you can find the qualified candidates and invite them to participate in one way video interviews. This is the best way to weed through candidates.

With a one way video interview, you can ask the qualified candidates the same set of questions to which they answer in video format. When they all turn their answers in to you, you can look at the answers on your own time. That way, you don’t have to invest 30 minutes on a phone screen with each candidate. You can also easily compare and contrast all of the candidate’s answers to decipher which are the best. This saves you hours of time and streamlines the hiring process for you. If you haven’t already, sign up with Spark Hire and start making your job easier.

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