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4 Ways Building a Video Library Secures Future Hiring Success

4 Ways Building a Video Library Secures Future Hiring Success

Hiring success is defined by your team’s ability to fill roles with highly-qualified talent quickly. Especially when going through stages of rapid growth, speed, and accuracy are essential. This means creating more reliable talent pipelines is a top priority. 

Sadly, many talent pipelines aren’t easily accessible or maintained. This means your team’s efforts from previous hiring stages can’t be used for future reference. And when new openings arise, you have to start from scratch. 

As a result, the entire hiring success relies on inefficient and lagging processes. You break this cycle by building a video library of one-way video interviews. Libraries packed full of your favorite past video interviews add strategy, speed, and accuracy when your team needs it the most.  

Find out below how building a video library secures future hiring success: 

1. Prescreened candidates

The sourcing process can be costly and time-consuming. Traditionally, every time you open a new role, you must start the sourcing process all over again. 

Even if you still have a candidate’s resume and application materials, you must take them through the process to ensure they’re equipped for this specific role. Each time you re-evaluate candidates for basic skill and cultural fit, you’re using up valuable time and resources. 

Once candidates are in your video library, however, they’re already screened for cultural fit and necessary skills. Your team has rated candidates, made notes of pros and cons, and potentially even had internal discussions regarding candidate fit. 

When you’re ready to reach out again, you’ll be prepared to discuss what new experiences and additional skills they’ve gained to make them even more qualified for open roles. 

As a bonus, video libraries decrease sourcing costs. Your team can then invest the hiring budget in later interview rounds with only the best-fitting candidates. 

2. Solidified connections

Building a video library isn’t just beneficial for internal assessment purposes. It also helps you solidify meaningful relationships and increase hiring success. 

Consider how many top talent candidates have moved through your hiring process. If it was a positive experience, they already understand how they fit into your culture. And they know the respect the company gives candidates, which is a tell-tale sign of how leaders treat employees. 

A video library keeps all of these connections in one easy-to-locate and organized space. As your team prepares for future openings, encourage them to review past interviews. The refresher will help them remember specific details about each candidate. Individualized conversations make a big difference when it comes to maintaining positive relationships.

Some candidates may have reached passive candidate status. But by continually reaching out and using insights from the library — such as noted future career goals and role expectations — your team has the power to build off of that already strong foundation. 

3. Intel for future interviews

You can only dig so deep during first-round interviews. When you decide there are more fitting candidates for a role, those who aren’t moving forward in the process move back into your talent pool. Down the road, new positions open up, and you’re required to interview once again. 

A video library prevents you from starting at square one with interview questions during rapid hiring. The insights from previous video interviews are still there for you to review. Referencing candidates’ first round of responses, you can build out strategic questions to help you quickly single out the best talent from your library for a new role. 

4. Reduced hiring time

Your hiring team must prepare for rapid growth hiring. Both company and employee success rely on your ability to fill open roles with qualified talent quickly. Unfortunately, just like starting the hiring process over is expensive, it also takes more time than you can afford during a high-growth stage. 

Video libraries are packed full of prescreened silver medalist candidates. Rather than diving back into the sourcing process from the start, you can easily decide which of these candidates are best equipped to move on in the hiring process for each new role. 



Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.