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Virtual Workforce Forecast: 5 Ways To Hire Better Remote Workers

The Virtual Workforce Forecast: 5 Ways To Hire Better Remote Workers [Whitepaper]

Virtual Workforce Forecast: 5 Ways To Hire Better Remote WorkersA recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 63% of companies allowed employees to occasionally work from home in 2012. Currently, 34 million Americans often work from home and it is expected that this number will increase to 63 million by the year 2016. Spark Hire’s recently launched whitepaper was created to help staffing professionals understand why more companies are seeking virtual team members and to help them implement strategies into their recruiting process to find the best virtual candidates that will impress their clients.

The whitepaper details why knowing how to hire great virtual workers is now essential for staffing professionals who aim to find their clients top-notch people. The virtual revolution is upon us and many more companies are discovering the benefits of hiring remote workers. A Stanford University study determined that employees who worked from home were more productive than employees working in the office. A little more than 8% of the productivity was a result of virtual workers putting in more hours than their teammates in the office. The Stanford University study also found that companies can save as much as $2,000 per employee by allowing them to work from home.

Social media and video interviewing technology are readily available tools for staffing pros to utilize in the recruiting process for thoroughly evaluating virtual talent. Social media profiles can provide insight into how a candidate uses technology to communicate; this is a skill that recruiters must carefully assess because it is an essential skill for any virtual worker. Social media also allows recruiters to judge a candidate’s professionalism, gauge their industry passion, and expand their talent pipeline. Additionally, connecting personally with virtual candidates is made simple with one-way video interviews, where candidates answer questions in short videos. Recruiters can also conveniently and efficiently interview out-of-town, top virtual talent while keeping costs low.

“Finding the right virtual workers for staffing clients can seem like a daunting task,” says Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “However, the strategies detailed in this whitepaper can help to simplify the recruiting process so that attracting highly-trained virtual workers is easier than ever.”

Download the new whitepaper, “The Virtual Workforce Forecast: 5 Ways To Hire Better Remote Workers”, from Spark Hire and find great virtual talent that your clients won’t want to pass up.

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