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Importance of Employee Appreciation #Infographic

infographicWe have been hitting employee appreciation pretty hard lately here at Spark Hire. Clearly it’s an important part of business and being a business leader, but also because feeling appreciated is what matters most to the majority of employees out there. In fact, if you look at what employees want from their employers, feeling appreciated and having their work recognized takes precedence over higher wages. In light of this fact, we thought it interesting to delve a little deeper into employee appreciation by taking a look at this infographic.

Did you know that 50 percent of employees said they would leave their job for another if they felt they would be more appreciated and their work more recognized? That’s a large percentage of employees willing to jump ship for recognition. If nothing else, that should show you how important it is. On top of that, employees that are appreciated do a better job overall. It’s not difficult to see why that is. If an employee’s hard work is recognized, they’re much more likely to continue to work hard.

In fact, the infographic from Kudos and states that 78 percent of employees said they would work harder if they felt they were being appreciated for their work. Plus, companies that are more engaged with their employees profit three times more than their competitors. So you see, a lot can come from a simple “thank you.” Take a look at the infographic below to see how significant employee appreciation really is.

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way


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