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Employee Productivity at Work #Infographic

productivity statisticsDo you know how productive your employees are? It’s near impossible to assume that your employee’s are working for the full eight hours they are in the office. They will talk with one another, take a few breaks from their work to surf on the net and walk around the office to kill some time. These things are all normal, and in fact are pretty healthy for your office. You cannot expect your employees to be chained to their desk all day. However, do you know how much time your employees are actually wasting on the internet? Check out this infographic for some interesting statistics.

According to the infogrpahic from and NICE Systems, employees spend five hours a week on non-work related sites. On top of that, 20 percent of that non-work related surfing is done on social networks. Of those social media sites, Facebook takes the cake with 41 percent of users wasting their time on it.

Social media isn’t the only culprit though. Fantasy Football takes up 93 million wasted hours a month. When the Olympics were going on over the summer, it came in second with 69 million wasted hours. Furthermore, do you know which gender wastes the most time? If you guessed men, then you guessed right: 69 percent of men waste time online as opposed to 62 percent of women. Take a look at the infographic below to check out some more office productivity statistics.

Finding the Productivity Sweet Spot


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