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How Video Interviews Boost Employer Branding

Employer branding isn’t just mission and vision statements and in-office perks. Much like marketing for your business as a whole, employer branding is the main vehicle for you and your team to communicate to your target audience: current and potential employees. Instead of promoting your mission and vision statement, as an HR team, you’re guided by your employee value proposition.

When it comes to potential employees, showing off your employee value proposition through your employer branding is about making the case for why candidates should join your organization—and then living up to it.

It’s imperative your HR tech stack helps you achieve your employer branding goals. HR tech allows you to streamline your processes, measure process improvements, and engage better with candidates and employees alike. Within top-tier video interviewing platforms, there are many ways to boost candidates’ exposure to your employer brand. Let’s dive into just some of the ways video interviews can help.

The Video Interview

Each phase of the actual video interview is a step towards a better employer brand. From intro videos to video questions, and finally outro videos, these individual elements not only create a more natural conversation with candidates but also serve to show your organization’s value as an employer.

Introduction Videos

Use introduction videos to explain why video interviews are a key step in your process. This demonstrates your transparency and shows you care about candidate concerns. It’s also an opportunity to show your organization’s personality, not only through what is said, but also through how people in the video are dressed, the props they might use, and the “production value” of the video. 

Take note, the production value of a video does not have to be high to show your employer brand. Any video you record so long as it’s genuine and preferably not too shaky (when you’re holding your mobile device for recordings) shows off your employer brand positively. In fact, the best employer branding videos are not overly produced with an entire camera crew, but rather those that only take a few people.

By introducing yourself at the beginning of the video interview experience, you demonstrate a higher level of care about the process than candidates are used to. You also show how professional and prepared your organization is for the hiring process as a whole.

Video Questions

Within a one-way video interview, your team can also use video questions to further your employer brand. These are pre-recorded questions your team asks candidates, meaning a one-way video interview experience feels more like a conversation. Also, candidates gain a little insight into the personalities of their potential colleagues, should you allow those coworkers to record video questions. The personality of your office can also shine through the backgrounds of your video questions.

Outro Videos 

To finish a video interview experience on a high note, include an “outro” video. This allows you to once again express your thanks to candidates for completing the step of your process. The other key to an effective outro video is including the next steps. Let candidates know how many hours or days it’s likely to take for you and your team to get back to them about the result of their video interview.

This holds you accountable for ensuring a fast and effective hiring process. By being transparent, you’re establishing trust between you and your candidates. Building that trust now ultimately helps candidates believe and find appeal in your employer brand. 

Virtual Office Tours

If you don’t want to deliver video questions from such places like the kitchen or the entryway to your building, another alternative to show off your office space and show, rather than tell, what your organization is all about is with a virtual office tour. Candidates can see where their desks would be, what future colleagues keep on their desks, company-wide or individual awards of team members, and how your employees work together. These tours do a great job of showing, rather than telling, many of the intangible aspects of your employer brand.

Post-hire check-ins

One final way to enhance your employer brand is to follow up with hired candidates after their video interview, and even after they’re hired, through a short one-way video interview survey. Ask candidates what they experienced during the hiring process that felt true to the employer brand, what seemed different, as well as what they liked and didn’t like. Gathering this honest and candid feedback should allow you to create an even more effective employer branding experience.

Employer branding is crucial to attracting the right talent to your organization. Using video interviews only enhances your employer brand and allows it more time to shine. Those qualified candidates who resonate with and enjoy your employer brand are then more likely to join, and stay with your organization, leading to better retention and further enhancement of your organization!

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