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Show Off These 4 Unique Employee Benefits with Video

Show-Off These 4 Unique Employee Benefits With Video

People partake in employee benefits every day. But not every employee values the same benefit. Each person’s unique situations determine how much or little they connect with specific benefits. 

Employee benefits shouldn’t be treated as a single cluster when recruiting. Candidates, just like employees, connect with benefit offerings on different levels. There are even some workplace factors candidates consider a ‘unique benefit,’ but you view it as the norm. 

These kinds of benefits are critical for attracting top talent. Portraying them is done most effectively through employer branding videos. Showcasing various unique benefits in multiple videos offers candidates personalized experiences throughout the recruitment process. As a result, they feel immediately connected with the company, team members, and even leaders. 

Here are the benefits you can start showcasing with branding videos

1. Unique working environments

Working environments are a critical, but often overlooked, benefit. More than half of professionals are most proud of the work-life balance and flexibility at their company, according to a 2018 research report by LinkedIn. When benefits like these give your employees pride, you must shout them from the rooftops — or at least in a video. 

Company Spotlight: Airbnb employees value their working environment. Employees feel they belong anywhere thanks to the passion and flexibility found in every office and on every team. Check out how they highlight their environment in their short branding video.

Airbnb successfully shows its working environment without actually discussing it. That’s what makes their video effective. Have your team discuss career opportunities or collaboration while the video pans over co-working spaces. Their stories of belonging, as candidates see a kitchen where employees cook meals together, for example, depicts the actual feeling of belonging. 

2. Diversity and inclusivity team benefits

Diversity and inclusion isn’t just a core company value — it’s one of the greatest employee benefits. Candidates who value diversity and inclusion won’t fully connect with the culture until they’re actually in it. Branding videos allow them to virtually experience your team any time of day. 

Company Spotlight: Dun and Bradstreet’s employees feel the love, thanks to unique diversity and inclusivity programs. The company’s branding video highlights employees of various genders, ethnicities, and ages all working together — some even on treadmills. 

Catch your team in candid moments throughout their normal workdays. Capture them working on a project together. Then, give candidates a glimpse of employees of all genders, ethnicities, and ages, if possible, gathering in team-building, inclusive events. This can be in the form of larger events or a daily on-site workout. 

3. Employee development opportunities

Top candidates’ needs go much deeper than fun perks. In fact, 70 percent of U.S. employees in a June Instructure study said they’re at least somewhat likely to leave their current company and accept an offer with a new company that’s known for investing in employee learning and development. 

Companies focused on employee development opportunities often can’t effectively highlight them until later in the hiring process. Simply noting the importance of development in the job description isn’t convincing. 

Company Spotlight: EllisDon employees feel just how important their development and happiness is to company leaders. Employees share their excitement about dedication to their development in EllisDon’s branding video.  

Employees must be in charge of detailing development opportunities. Use their personal stories of challenge and triumph to offer candidates genuine connections. Ask employees a few specific questions to guide their authentic testimonials: 

  • What were your goals when you began your career journey here? 
  • What opportunities did you take advantage of to reach those goals? 
  • What struggles did you run into prior to reaching your goals? 
  • What role did leadership play in helping you reach your goals? 


4. Parental perks

Not every candidate is a parent. So, benefits such as lactation lounges or daycare services won’t appeal to everyone. But to those who depend on those benefits, they’re everything

Setting the company up as one that supports parents is critical for today’s working parents. Just 61 percent of employees feel their current employer does a good job supporting parents, according to a research report by CIPHR.

Company Spotlight: Unilever offers parents unique benefits, such as stylish lactation lounges. Each room has its own mini-fridge to store milk, and its own Medela, hospital-grade pump. Women also have access to sinks, mirrors, microwaves and Baby Dove and Seventh Generation products, such as wipes and soap.

Capture the true essence of unique parental benefits with virtual tours. Zoom in on the clean and comfortable chairs in the lactation lounges. Find small but important details in the on-site childcare facilities, such as books in the reading corner.

Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan is the Founder and CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform used by 6,000+ customers in over 100 countries.

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